Haywood Waterways Continues Work to Keep Our Waters Clean

By Jane Falkenstein | Nov 26, 2012
Courtesy of: Haywood Waterways Association Winter Waters in Haywood County

As 2012 draws to a close, we at Haywood Waterways want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who have generously given of your time and talents to our organization this past year.  We accomplished a lot in 2012 and we couldn’t have done it without your help!

  • Another stream coming off the state list of impaired waterways; this time it was 1.6 miles of Richland Creek;
  • Leveraging $191,600 in grant funds for watershed restoration projects;
  • Surpassing the 10,000 mark in students participating in Kids in the Creek, our highly acclaimed education program;
  • Eliminating as much as 7,920 gallons of untreated wastewater from entering local streams per day by repairing failing septic systems; and
  • Continuing to remove trash from local streams through the Adopt-A-Stream program.


We are gearing up for another great year!  2013 target projects are:


  • Continuing the Richland Creek Watershed Restoration Project to improve water quality and completely remove the stream from the state list of impaired waterways;
  • Diversifying our fundraising efforts with the ultimate goal of eliminating our dependency on grants;
  • Expanding the Adopt A Stream program and recruiting new organizations to participate; and
  • Targeting young professionals and increasing our presence on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to keep up with changing demographics and take advantage of digital tools.


All the water we use here in Haywood County begins right here in our county.  Since we know any problems begin right here, we know we’re all responsible to help solve those problems.  We’re asking you to pause during the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season to consider a special end-of-the-year gift to Haywood Waterways.  But, we understand if you need a reason or two as to why your gift could mean as much to you as it will to us.  Here are a few more reasons to give generously to Haywood Waterways:


  • Consider that when you give a donation to your favorite nonprofit, your giving reflects your intentional expression of your values and passion. 
  • Get involved with the nonprofit organization to which you donate money; you will automatically be more informed and feel better about your donations.
  • Know that you can really make a difference with your donation.
  • You can be an advocate for your cause because you know the donations go to the right place.
  • You can give your gift to honor or remember a loved one and still enjoy a tax deduction!


So, during this season of giving, please don’t forget to add Haywood Waterways Association to your list.  For every dollar raised through membership dues and donations, we leverage $32.02 from other sources to continue our education and watershed restoration programs. In light of today’s tough economy, your gifts are that much more critical.  For more information on how you can make your tax deductable donation, go to www.haywoodwaterways.org or contact info@haywoodwaterways.org.  Your generosity and support really do make a difference!