Haywood's Cutest Couple contest winners

Feb 12, 2014
This is me and my 19-year sailor husband on the beautiful shores of Cuba. He was stationed there seven months in 2009 and nine months in 2010, and nine months in Afghanistan in 2012. We met and married almost instantly and have been married five years this May. I had three daughters when we got married and he lovingly adopted the two younger ones here in the Haywood County Courthouse. We have since had our own very special baby together, who is his only biological child and is also special needs. He is a wonderful father and a great husband, I am a Marine Corps veteran and this makes us perfect for each other because being in the military and being a military spouse are at times very difficult, but having both been each other's shoes, we just get it. — Misty and Aaron Young

The Mountaineer asked its 8,500 Facebook followers to submit entries for Haywood's Cutest Couple and vote for their favorites. The photos that received the most "likes" were deemed the winners.

First Place — Misty and Aaron Young - 397 likes
Second Place — Many Turner and Robert London - 321 likes
Third Place — Wendy and Samuel Jimenez - 211 likes

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