Hazelwood building to be burned

Mar 13, 2017
The small building at the rear of the parking lot is the one that will be burned, to make way for a parking lot expansion and improvement project.

The Waynesville Fire Department and other local fire fighters will take part in a controlled burn of a structure in Hazelwood on March 20.

The burn will begin around 5 p.m. Monday evening, March 20, at the former Old Time Insurance building, located at 459 Hazelwood Avenue at the rear of the Hazelwood Parking area.

Multiple fire trucks will be involved in this exercise and will take up space in the general parking area. Individuals who are in the vicinity are cautioned that there will be visible smoke and flames.

Haywood County Emergency Operations and Waynesville Fire and Police Departments are aware of this exercise and there will be no interruption in public safety services during this time.

Questions related to this upcoming event may be directed to the Waynesville Fire Department at 828-456-6151.