HCA raises $6000 during 'Jump Rope for Heart'

Mar 14, 2017
Photo by: Donated Haywood Christian Academy coach Suzanne Chandler promised the students she would take a pie-in-the-face if they met their $600 goal. Since the students raised $6,000, she took five pies.

CLYDE — Haywood Christian Academy hosted Jump Rope for Heart recently for the American Heart Association. This national event encourages students to keep their heart healthy, and HCA’s physical education educator, Suzanne Chandler, was excited to lead the charge.

With a goal set of $600, the students from kindergarten through fifth grade had one month to exceed the goal. The deadline was Feb. 24, and the day was spent with individual rope jumping, group jump rope, hula hooping and obstacle courses.

HCA raised over $3,000 — five times the goal. Chandler was thrilled with the effort put forth by the students and families of HCA, and willingly took a celebratory pie-in-the-face for each multiple the goal was met.

The HCA students took their fundraising seriously, knowing they were helping someone who suffers from heart conditions, and at the same time learned healthy and fun ways to keep their heart healthy.