Religion Column

'Hello, my name is Keri'

By Keri Hill | Jan 10, 2017

Every morning when my daughter wakes up for school, she turns on Pandora, a music station that she can get on her Xbox. It varies from time to time as to what genre she is listening to, sometimes it’s country, but most often it’s praise and worship music.

I can hear the music from our living room, because her room is right beside it.

One morning not too long ago, she turned to her favorite praise and worship song station, and I could hear one of my favorite songs come on the radio. Written by Matthew West, the song is called “Hello My Name Is.”

This song always make me laugh a little at first, as I envision him singing it with one of those stickers that you write your name on when you’re at a class reunion or a work function.

Once I get past that though, the first verse always captures my attention — “Hello, my name is regret, I’m pretty sure we have met. Every single day of your life, I’m the whisper inside, won’t let you forget.” Talk about hitting home.

I think most of us have something in our past that we regret — a failed marriage, a broken relationship with a family member, or perhaps even time incarcerated. I can certainly look back and see times when I didn’t parent the best way, when I wasn’t the best wife or the best daughter.

I’ve strayed and fallen, and I suspect that many of us can relate to that. The weight of bad decisions and wrong choices, hurtful words and unforgiveness can haunt us if we choose to focus solely on that.

Just when I think, “Man, this song is a bummer,” along comes the chorus ­— “Hello, my name is child of the one true king. I’ve been saved, I’ve been changed, and I have been set free. Amazing grace is the song I sing. Hello, my name is child of the one true king.”

Well that’s more like it. That’s the redemption story that I love to hear.

It wasn’t until I was about 34 or so that I fully understood just what redemption for me meant. I had been through a trying time in my personal life and was tired of feeling like God had moved and left me in the rut I was in. During that time, I spent the weekend at a retreat and I discovered that God hadn’t moved, I had.

I was able to renew my spirit and my relationship with God, and to fully embrace the grace that he was offering to me. It’s only by the grace given to me from God that I am able to sing that chorus with belief.

Hello my name is Keri, and I am a child of the one true king, and so are you.