Help a Horse Day parade trots down Main Street

Apr 27, 2014
Photo by: Shelby Harrell Miniature horses lead a carriage during the parade to celebrate the second annual national Help a Horse Day.

Star Ranch put downtown Waynesville on a high horse Saturday afternoon while celebrating the ASPCA second annual national Help a Horse Day with a parade.

Dozens of local organizations saddled up with their equine friends to trot down Main Street to raise awareness and funds for the cause. State Rep. Joe Sam Queen was the grand marshall of the event, and waved to the crown from a top a large truck during the parade.

Donations were accepted during the parade. The ASPCA will grant five, $10,000 prizes for the best celebration of their day.


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Posted by: Linda Sexton | Apr 28, 2014 08:48

I hope that the Help a Horse Day parade in Waynesville will be an annual event.  It was fun. Horses play such an important role in our community and it was a joy to see so many well loved and cared for equines.  I know that Star Ranch would love to "go out of business" if everyone who owns equines would care for them as well as the folks who were there for the parade.  Thank you Star Ranch for being there for the animals who need you.

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