Heritage Action for America event Tuesday, June 24th

By Grass Roots WNC | Jun 14, 2014
Photo by: Melody Scalley Heritage Action for America #HAction

(Waynesville NC) Heritage Action is the Action arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation, a conservative research think tank based in Washington D.C.. They take the conservative policy visions outlined by the sister organization and make them a reality... to ensure members of Congress hear directly from their constituents, people just like us in Haywood County. Heritage Action for America will be in Maggie Valley on Tuesday, June 24th.

Please register for this FREE event: http://tiny.cc/zra1gx .

Heritage Action has a widely respected government relations team and a network of dedicated grassroots activists working to advance conservative policy. "With help, we can hold Congress accountable and restore our country to constitutional values (in both the Senate and the House)," says Melody Scalley the regional coordinator.

Heritage asks, "Are you tired of being frustrated with Congress and your elected officials? You hold the key to change the course of our country.  Let us show you how!"

The fun and informal Skills Clinic will teach attendees the nuts and bolts of how to take action and arm themselves with the information needed to amplify our voice in the ongoing battle to hold Congress accountable. We can make a difference even with our hectic schedules! 

The Skills Clinics are part of the Heritage Action 'Sentinel Program'. Sentinels are equipped to:

  • KNOW the issues.  You are provided with the information needed to understand any policy issue.
  • GROW Activist skills and networks.  Heritage Action will work with you 'one on one'.
  • GO out and lead in our communities. You won’t be alone; Heritage has got your back!

Heritage Action understands our concerns and have put together this great program to help engage in national politics in an effective and time-efficient manner. This will be a fantastic opportunity to interact with other concerned conservatives from our area and build a relationship with Melody Scalley, our Heritage Action Regional Coordinator.

You will learn valuable skills necessary to help amplify our voices not only in Washington, D.C., but on a local level too! We'll make sense out of the jumble of social media, give you strategies for meeting with and influencing your Congressman (or woman), and explain how the Heritage Action Sentinel program can benefit you! 

Please register online for this FREE event: http://tiny.cc/zra1gx  Refreshments will be served.

  • Tuesday, June 24th
  • 6 PM
  • Smoky Falls Lodge & Moonshine Grill Conference Room
  • 2550 Soco Road
  • Maggie Valley NC 28751

Check The Forge Blog for the most up to date news to unwind the spin on Capitol Hill!

Follow @Heritage_Action  Remember, when you Tweet to use #Haction  Alert: Make it easier to hold Congress accountable!

Recruit a friend to the Sentinel program!

Host: Melody Himel Scalley, Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action, (202) 716-9738

Comments (6)
Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jun 15, 2014 10:57

          This group of right-wing nut-job's goal is to negate OUR Founding Principles and replace them with "conservative values".


            Thank God OUR Founders were liberals!!!



Posted by: Scott Lilly | Jun 16, 2014 09:28

Mr. Zimmerman, this is the present-day definition of "Liberal":

"believing that government should be active in supporting social and political change : relating to or supporting political liberalism...not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted"


You are using a paradoxical argument that we should look toward our founding for how things ought to be while claiming to be a Liberal.  Looking to the founding of this country for how things ought to be would certainly be a "conservative" viewpoint as "conservative" is defined as "believing in the value of established and traditional practices in politics and society."

Posted by: Scott Lilly | Jun 16, 2014 09:48

If I understand this group's mission correctly, it is to apply the pressure required on elected politicians so that they don't succumb to the pressures of big government once they get into "the system".  There are lots and lots of daily pressures to spend more, increase budgets, and acquire power when an elected official gets into office.  I think the Heritage enterprise is pressure that is supposed to counter that daily pressure on elected officials with guidance of spending less, reducing budgets, and giving up federal power to the states.

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jun 16, 2014 10:08

            Mr. Lilly;


            Nothing you just stated reflects either my opinions or the Founding Principles as quite well stated by the Founders themselves. Nor the history of OUR republic. There is nothing "traditional" about OUR Founding period. The lesson is that they overthrew the traditions of servitude and obedience and embraced Liberty and established a republic dedicated to the equal protection thereof. AND! They did this by first embracing the Deistic opinion of Naturally inherent or otherwise inalienable rights given by a God they referred to as "Almighty God", to the first persons, then never to intervene again. The Unitarian opinion that Jesus was a man was also quite well known and embraced. OUR Bill of Rights reflects both the Deistic opinion and the Unitary. Nothing in OUR Founding reflects the Trinity. OUR Founders didn't just nail complaints to a church house. They established no church shall have any more control than that of its own participants.


            The Heritage group has a long history of promoting "conservative"' values/opinions. In fact Romney/care was one. So-called "Christian domination" has been another.

             I know of nothing they support that I would.



Posted by: Grass Roots WNC | Jun 21, 2014 00:12

When elected representatives go off to DC (or Raleigh) they receive a lot of attention from Lobbyists and people that try to influence their vote. Heritage Action wants them to hear from us - the people that sent them there... so that they do not forget what is important to us..

Right now they are fighting "Corporate Welfare" - some of the largest businesses getting grants from us the tax payers.

Maybe the confusion over Conservative vs liberal should be left behind... Heritage is for more Freedom. Individual freedom as guaranteed under the Constitution, less government spending influenced by DC Lobbyists, and more economic freedom - where the government does not tax every human activity and try to control us through the actions of the IRS, NSA and other 'agencies'.

The opposite would be total control over all aspects of our lives by a government agency. In this description more of us might agree to be on the same side - once we realize what is at stake. The division of liberal and conservative confuses many people.

Posted by: Scott Lilly | Jun 21, 2014 06:47

Right.  We are progressively transitioning power from We The People to the federal government.  This group is squarely trying to return power back to We The People.  That can only be good for us voters -- of all persuasions.


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