Heritage Life Skills

112 Virginia Ave., Waynesville
Jan Sterrett
Apr 22, 2017
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Heritage Life Skills is a festival event that gives the everyday person a chance to learn numerous life skills.


Aquaponics – Tim Ross

Aquaponics is the growing of fish, or other water-based animals, along with land plants in a controlled environment, to maximize the use of the energy and nutrients in the system in order to harvest the greatest amount of vegetables and fish protein from the system. Learn the natural way to grow food without fertilizers while in a limited space and with limited water.


Basic Emergency Preparedness – Julie Kidd

If you are just getting started, what do you do? Create a bag, prepare a plan, and learn how to stay in communication. You will discuss various bags/totes, plans to make and practice, and learn the many ways to keep informed and to inform family and friends.


Basic Self Defense (L) – Jillian Serio

Learn basic self defense techniques from a 4th degree black belt in the Korean art of Han Mu Do. You will learn how to escape from wrist grabs and body grabs. Learn anti-bully tactics, defense against an attacker from the ground, and ways of attracting attention of others to aid in dangerous situations.


Beekeeping – Marsha Jones

Beginners course for new beekeepers


Beginners Guide to Choosing a Firearm – Bob Templeman

This class will introduce you to the many types of firearms available and will assist you in becoming familiar with the right tool for you. Bible Prophecy;


Where are we on God’s prophetic calendar? – Douglas Berner

Are you looking for the Antichrist and the War of Armageddon? Is this great biblical war looming on our immediate horizon? Perhaps you should be looking for something else entirely? The world will be fooled by an onrushing convergence of events. You need not be fooled if you know what God has revealed in His prophetic plan for the world. A number of key prophetic events will dynamically impact the nations of the world years before the War of Armageddon. Could a World War Three crisis even be far worse than Armageddon? How does the Beginnings on the End begin? How does the Beginning of the End compare to the End of the End?


Blacksmithing on the Homestead – David Burress


Body Armor Basics – Brandon Smith

Learn the proper use of body armor. Bring in your own gear to learn how to set it up to your advantage.


Bone Broth – Suzanne Upton


Bow Drill Fire Starting – Drew Bishop

Learn to start a fire without a lighter or match. Fire by friction using a bow drill.


Bread Making – Laura Rice

Nothing smells or tastes as good as homemade bread. Bread is the “staff of life”. Learn different ways the pioneers made bread from grinding wheat to baking the final product. Come away with your own loaf of bread and easy recipes for several types of bread, including sourdough and rye.


Building a Solar Hot Water System – Eric Bellin

This class will be hands-on. You will build a collector from layout to plumbing. This class will cover the collector to hooking up to the storage tank. Hot water used in domestic and radiant floor hepting systems.


Building a Survival Binder – Franklin Horton

In his bestselling prepper novel THE BORROWED WORLD, Franklin Horton wrote about a character who travelled a lot for work. In order to make sure his family knew how to use his “preps” when he was away, he built them a binder with instructions on using the generator, woodstove, where the water filter was, how to charge their phone, and all of the other things he might not be there to tell

them. When the SHTF while he’s away from home, his family has to rely on this binder to figure out the things they don’t remember. In this class, you will learn how to build your own survival binder – a personal survival manual for your family.


Building and Maintaining a Composting Toilet – Eric Bellin

This class will cover the building of a composting toilet and the composting of materials. Topics will also include aerobic and anaerobic outhouses, and proper waste handling with or without the grid.


Building Safety Networks – Franklin Horton & Kerry Alzner

In a SHTF situation, nothing can be more concerning than children and other family members who are stuck away from home. In this class, Kerry “Gabby” Alzner (Retired Special Forces) and Franklin Horton (author of The Borrowed World Series and Locker Nine) will present ideas for building your own safety network. This class will include practical steps such as route planning, establishing “safe

house” networks, supply caches, and safety. Participants will come away with the tools needed to build a Safety Network for their own loved ones.


Bullet Making – Russell Bryson

Canning Fruits & Vegetables  - Cecilia Burress

Learn how to can using the water/steam bath process and the pressure canning process.


Canning Meat: Chicken & Bacon  – Cecilia Burress

Learn the art of meat canning. You will can chicken and bacon to take home with you.


Cheese & Yogurt Making (L) ($7) – Grannie Pam

Each participant will get hands-on experience in making their own cheese. You will learn how to make 30 minute mozzarella and/or Paneer cheese. There will be discussion on Viili Finnish yogurt with small samples to taste. You will take home a starter kit and instructions on how to make the yogurt.


Clandestine Link-Up Methods – Kerry Alzner

This class will consist of possible methods of establishing link up locations and procedures for passing personnel from one group to another. Link up procedures for personnel lost from a group during a bug out situation. Think Underground Railroad and establishing a hidden meeting place.


Cold Smoke Meat Preservation – MacEntyre

Key topics in this class will include: How to Preserve Meat and Fish; Salt – Brine vs Rub; Cold Smoke vs Hot Smoke; Technical Details for Saline Solubility; Smoke Temperatures; Bacteria and Long Term Storage; and How to Remove from Storage and Prepare for Cooking.


Colloidal Silver for Emergency Preparedness – Jonathan Glauser

Education on the benefits and uses of colloidal silver for emergency preparedness.


Community & Group Communications Planning – Tim Glance

Learn about different methods of communications and how to plan to utilize each for your community, group, and family. Covered items include field phones, landline phones, cell phones, computers, radios, and more.


Constitutional Conversation (L) – Coby

Dehydrating: Beyond Beef Jerky – Kim Lippy

Build up your own shelf-stable food supply, unaffected by power outages. Or to make your own Trail Food. You will learn the “Why” and “Wherefore”. Demonstrating with fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, ready-mixes, one-pot meals, storage, and various dehydrators and resources. You will learn to build your pantry for long-term food storage, cook fast and simple meals with prepackaged foods, store food for years, and re-hydrate it back to new!

Edible & Medicinal Plants – Spencer Bolejack

Key topics in this class will include: Plants and trees of Appalachia for food, medicine, and tools; Harvesting tips and tricks; Look-a-likes and hazards; and Seasonal Options.


Fermenting for Healthy Prepping  – Suzanne Upton

Fermenting is delicious and fun! Lactofermentation is the age-old process of preserving vegetables and herbs. You will discuss basics of fermented food storage, as well as health benefits for the prepper diet. Each participant will prepare a jar of kraut to take home.

Field Sanitation for Survival/Tactical Situations – Quillon Orta

Learn how to use military and survival life skills to effectively remain hygienic in austere conditions. Where to find water? What to do daily? How to scale hygiene needs as the group grows?


Flexible Weapons – Spencer Bolejack

Key topics in this class include: Using clothing and other common items for control, defense, and compliance; Detentions and secure improvised ties until help arrives or to make a safe escape from danger. Some physical activity, disabilities also welcome as there is plenty to do sitting down.


Food Storage – Jennifer Elswick

Everyday and long-term food storage. Learn to save money through couponing & buying in bulk. Learn how to process your food storage and observe a dry food storage demo.


Ghilli Suits – Kerry Alzner

You will learn how camouflage works, how and what types of material to use in the construction of a Ghilli (sniper) suit, and the Pros and Cons of this type of camouflage.


Gold & Silver 101 – Keith Iton

A beginners class to buying and trading gold and silver.


Hand Tools – Chris Gibson

Learn the hand tools that would be used frequently in a grid-down situation. Axes, cross cut saws, mowing scythes, lamps, lanterns, etc. You will learn the different uses, how to care for, sharpen, etc.


Hobo Stoves & Tinders (L) – David Grasty

This class will teach you how to make simple stoves with cans and you will build your own. You will learn about natural tinders and the common household items that can be used as tinders.


Homestead Construction – Eric Bellin

This class will cover innovative ideas and construction methods at a lower cost approach. Topics to include living shelters, livestock barns, water containment, and root cellar ideas. Hands-on pallet building.


Identifying & Using Junk Yard Steel – David Burress


Knot Tying – Tony Haney

Essential knots for survival and everyday use.


Knots You Should Know – MacEntyre

How to tie more than a dozen essential knots. When to use knots, hitches, and bends. Where to learn more in books and online.


Land Navigation (L) ($20) – Dave McCall

Part 1: Learn about maps and compass navigation. Part 2: Spend the afternoon on a “field trip” to hone your skills. Compass & map included.


Meals in a Jar (L) ($10) – Grannie Pam

Learn how to prepare two different meals in a jar.


Military Logistics Principles Applied to Prepping – Tim Glance

Learn how to use military logistics concepts and lessons learned to plan your prepping in an organized manner from a retired military logistician and maintenance manager. Topics covered will include how to analyze needs to determine how much is required to store, methods and sources of supply, and planning.


No-Sew Hammocks – MacEntyre

Key topics in this class include: How to make a hammock without sewing, including suspension and ridgeline; How to hang the hammock and be comfortable. Participants will have the opportunity to make a hammock for a fee of $35.00 – paid directly to the instructor.


Off-Grid Solar Systems – Adam Allman & Christopher Wilson

Explanation of various methods and equipment used to obtain an off-grid system for producing DC and AC power. Examples of equipment and how various solar PV components can be used to obtain AC power with and without the use of storage batteries. Presented by NABCEPT Certified Electrical Engineer; Christopher Wilson.

On-Grid Solar Systems – Adam Allman & Christopher Wilson

Explanation of how a battery system can be configured to maximize the benefits of the available solar power to reduce energy cost and prepare for off-grid situations. Explanation of three methods of using the grid power to work with a battery backed up solar PV system.


Practical Everyday Carry; More Than Just a Gun – Jan Emore

What basic items every person (man or woman) should keep on their person at all times – everyday. You will learn how to carry these items discretely and what things you can find along the way in a SHTF situation that will be helpful and how to use the EDC items suggested to make basic survival equipment in case you do not have your full bug out bag.


Raising Rabbits Naturally – MacEntyre

Key topics in this class include: How to get started; mistakes to avoid; natural feeding; colony approach; breeding; disease; culling; predators; and how to eat rabbit twice a week year-round.


Recognizing & Overcoming Lyme Disease – John Bennett

Lyme Disease is so misdiagnosed that the CDC says there could be as many as 300,000 new cases per year. Most physicians have no idea what it looks like or what to do. We can be immensely prepared for difficult times and all of it come to naught, should we contract this disease and not know what to do. This class will expose the symptoms of Lyme disease and make available the latest and best diagnostic and treatment research.

Reloading – Russell Bryson


Respiratory Protection & Survival – Don Heres

Without a functioning respiratory system, we cannot function and cannot survive. This class will review the respiratory options presently available and discuss their practicality and use. Dust masks? Military surplus? New technology is offering options that everyone in the preparedness community should be aware of.


Scrapes & Breaks – Skinny Medic

Learn how to treat and bandage minor to moderate injuries (cuts, scrapes, puncture wounds). This class will also cover different types of bone breaks and fractures that you will learn how to treat/splint.


Secret Garden & Greenhouse of Survival – Rick Austin

This class will outline the method for making a camouflaged food forest that produces more food than traditional gardening techniques, and demonstrating a greenhouse design that provides passive solar heating of your home and hot water, as well as enabling you to grow food year round.


Secret Livestock of Survival – Rick Austin

When most people think of raising homestead livestock, they invariably think that they must have chickens and a cow. But truth be told, when it comes to raising livestock, there are a lot of reasons to avoid raising chickens altogether, and almost every reason not to own a cow. This class will show you how to grow your own sources of food (in this case- protein), with a much better return on your investment of time, money, feed, housing and real estate, than with traditional homestead thinking. And these livestock animals are discrete, so most people won't even know you are raising them.


Seed Saving – Sow True Seeds

If there is no place to buy seeds, you will need to save them yourself. Learn from long-time seedsavers on proper techniques for saving different varieties, and storage practices to ensure a good supply of seeds for your garden year after year.


Sewing a Slow-Cooker Bag (L) ($35) – Jan Sterrett

Each participant will make a non-electric slow cooker bag. These bags keep food hot or cold for 4-6 hours. Perfect for picnics, tail-gaiting, potluck dinners, etc.


Shelters on the Go with Ponchos & Tarps (L) – Tim Glance

Learn how to quickly and easily make temporary or portable shelters from tarps and ponchos. You will learn the kinds of tarps and ponchos that work the best and will practice putting them up yourself.


SHTF Intelligence (L) – Samuel Culper

Our ability to maintain situational awareness is critical, whether it's during an emergency or over time as economic or societal conditions deteriorate. If security and survival is the goal, then intelligence helps us achieve that goal. Join Samuel Culper, a former intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst, in this three-hour course that covers intelligence gathering techniques and other skills, which are also applicable to many situations outside of emergencies. Access to intelligence information is the great enabler of making good decisions, and without intelligence our survivability suffers.


SHTF Nutrition – Lauren Henderson

Learn the signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies, while also learning which foods and supplements will prevent those issues. Time to take a look at your food stores for more than calories they contain. Remember, 'You are what you eat', and even more importantly, 'You are what you don't eat'.


Soap Making – Tina Wilson

A brief history of soap making. This class will discuss modern soap making techniques and supplies and will also cover making soap without the use of modern supplies and electricity. There will be demonstrations using both techniques.

Sourdough Bread Making (L) ($5) – Granny Pam

You will observe a demonstration on how to make a loaf of sourdough bread. A loaf will be ready to go into the oven and will be baked. A loaf will be ready to slice and serve. Each attendee will receive a sourdough starter kit, instructions on waking up the starter, feeding, and using the starter kit.


Spy Tech & Privacy – Forrest Garvin

OPSEC for Online. Stop being watched! In this class we will introduce you to ways you can remain private on the internet. We will go over how to use the TOR browser on the TAILS Operating System. We will also explain HTTPS Everywhere and how to get it installed on your computer. OPSEC In the Air and for Over Your Head - How to Listen to Any Frequency and


How to See the Drones Before They See You! Forest Garvin

SDR (Software Defined Radio) is similar to a James Bond spy device. With this $20 dongle, you can listen to any frequency between 52 and 2200 MHZ. Some add-ons allows you to listen to ALL radios signals. You will be able to track air planes, helicopters and drones on a radar screen by using your laptop. You will also be able to download weather radar photos from satellites. All this can be done with no internet connection.


Stop the Bleeding! – Skinny Medic

With traumatic events in the news more and more, learning how to stop major bleeding can save lives. You will learn how to use popular tourniquets and learn how to make one. You will also learn how to use the Israeli bandage and how to properly pack wounds.

Suturing (L) ($60) – Dawn Surrett

The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Prepping – Survivor Jane

In this class, you will learn the fundamental survival basics and how to avoid the pitchfalls preppers make when prepping.


Total Family Preparedness – Kevin Carraway

How does a family go about preparedness? Your area, your experience, and your skill set is all different. This class will teach you methods you can use to get your family prepared.


Trapping – Spencer Bolejack

Key topics include: Trapping – the big picture; psychology; animals and then some; analyzing terrain; and resources on a budget.


Turning your Backyard into an Edible, Sustainable, Healthy Landscape (L) ($30) – Russ Rice

This is a hands-on course and you will go over the following: Maximizing your garden space; Organic pest control; Identifying pests; Using and preserving open pollinated seeds; Disease and fungal prevention; Fertilization; and Hydroponics. You will also discuss using chickens and rabbits as an integral part of your Edible, Sustainable Landscape. Manual/Workbook is included. Open pollinated seeds, honey, and garden supplies will be available at the class. A manual will be available for purchase for $35.00 – paid directly to the instructor.


Ubiquity Private Networks – Roger King

Setting up an inexpensive Ubiquity network allows data sharing, camera monitoring etc. Once setup, the Ubiquity network would allow anything done on the internet. You will discuss networking basics, types of Ubiquity devices, how to setup the network and uses for the network once completed.

U.N. Agenda 21 n/k/a/ Agenda 2030 – Kim Fletter

U.N. Agenda 21 n/k/a Agenda 2030, Loss of Sovereignty, Refugee Resettlement, Common Core

Curriculum, Faith-based initiative and their infiltration into the church, and much more. Educated by a man who worked for John F. Kennedy, Kim decided to continue researching how the greatest country in the world could lose its God-given rights, power, and sovereignty; and to expose how we got here, our current status, and their future plans.


Using Essential Oils Daily – Candice Easter

This class will teach you how to use essential oils in your daily life to ease discomfort from minor illnesses and pain.


Water & Energy for Your Shelter – Scott Hunt

All things Water – All things Power – From simple to complex. Hot water, solar power, water, wind, hydro, air conditioning, heating, cooking topics will be covered and EMPs will be addressed.


Weapons Capabilities – John Hemingway & Chris Gibson

Learn what your rifles and handguns are capable of, including shooting through car doors, exterior building walls, concrete block walls, etc.


What to Carry in your Vehicle: The things you may not have thought of – Tim Glance

We all travel daily, are you ready right now to deal with anything that unexpectedly pops up? A retired military vehicle maintenance officer will cover the items beyond the basics of your bug out bag. Tool kits, emergency repair parts, spare parts, medical gear, and more, including how to choose them to get what is needed and what will survive the heat and cold, how to store and organize, and how to use it.


Wine Making 101 – Jan Emore

You will learn a very simple old-time recipe for fermenting fruit into wine. Learn the step-by-step process of wine making by using time and money-saving shortcuts learned over a six year period of experimenting with this recipe.

Wood-Fired Oven Basics – Hazen Alward

This will be an introduction to cooking in a wood-fired oven. You will start with how to best utilize an oven for daily use as our forefathers did. Wood-fired ovens today are mainly used for pizzas, but in the past they were used for everything. You will discuss the basic types of fires and their uses. There will be some type of dish prepared in the class.


Wooden Spoon Carving – Hazen Alward

You will learn the basics of spoon design and appropriate wood selection. You will also learn how to put together a basic spoon carving tool set. Basic tool usage, and sharpening will be taught so that you can tune the tools you may already have up to carving sharpness. Tools will be available for purchase.