Higgins considers every day a blessing

By Janie Palmer Higgins | Dec 18, 2013

On June 1, 2010, when I left work that day, I had no idea that my life was about to change.

I was almost to my retirement date with Haywood Electric Membership Corporation.

Late that night, I became very ill, and after two months of sickness, including septicemia, in and out of the hospital and doctors’ offices, I had a very serious operation.

My diagnosis was stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer with involvement of the lungs and lymph node system. With this drastic and life threatening diagnosis, it was unlikely that anyone could survive very long.

It is now almost 2014 and I would not be alive today, had it not been for God’s amazing grace and His power to perform a miracle.

The only explanation possible is that God is not through with me yet. I have a job to do. Even when I am sitting in a chemo chair, I thank God for the past three years.

A multitude of prayers have been prayed daily for my recovery, by my precious family, husband, children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, work friends and my church family from Woodland Baptist.

My sister, Bonnie, set up a Caring Bridge Site were many have checked daily to check my condition so they could pray more specifically.  I have been blessed beyond measure.

My husband, Danny, has been the wind beneath my wings. His strength and compassion have been astounding. Believing in God’s goodness and keeping our faith, we have never wavered from the fact that I could be healed.

We ask Him daily, to give us what we need to make it through another day and He has met our every need.

Dr. Vanderquaak, at Hope Women’s Cancer Center, has prayed with my family and with me many times and he gives God all the glory for the outcome of this disease. He reminds me often that “I am a miracle.”

This is a true miracle. How else could this be explained?

God has given me this opportunity to ask you a very personal question. Have you made your reservation for your eternal home?

We are all going to spend eternity somewhere. If you have prepared, you will be in the arms of Jesus, when your time comes.

If you haven’t prepared, I urge you to open your heart today, and receive him into your heart, as He forgives you for all sin. Put the past behind you and live for Jesus, who died on the cross for me and you.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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