Holy Smoke! It’s that time of year again

Did you know? Holy Smoke does divine dishes
By Paul Viau | Oct 27, 2011
Photo by: Carol Viau BEWARE IMITATIONS — Not all barbecue turkeys are alike. For the smokin’ best Thanksgiving ever, call Holy Smoke.

I came home today to smoke rising from several leaf piles in my neighborhood. Though I’m not much of a burner, I sure love the smell of torched leaves, burnt walnuts and the forlorn look on all the squirrels’ faces.

Unfortunately, my own burn barrel has been idle for two seasons. My wife won’t let me burn with the two retired scarecrows sticking their heads out, and I’m too stubborn to free them from their eventual fiery end … and a great Halloween photo-op.

Still, the smell of burning leaves sends clear smoke signals to me and many others, that — Holy Smoke! — Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And that means one of my favorite things in the world — smoked turkey.

Did you know? — A properly smoked turkey can be so delicious that eating it becomes a religious experience. That’s how I feel about the products from Holy Smoke — the mouth-watering barbecue ministry of St. Andrew’s on-the-Hill Episcopal Church in Canton.

Perhaps you’ve sampled Holy Smoke’s meats at one of Waynesville, Canton or Maggie Valley’s festivals. The lines leading to the Holy Smoke alter of barbecue are long, but believe me, the reward is well worth the wait. And — Did you know? — All the money raised from Holy Smoke’s barbecue ministry goes straight to paying off the church building fund.

As the story goes, shortly after building a new church, St. Andrew’s members were faced with the painful reality of their new financial burden. Looking for a way out, one of the church elders suggested fire as an answer. Well, where there is fire there is smoke, and “Holy Smoke!” they were on to something.

The men of the church commissioned a custom-built smoker trailer and started selling barbecue at local festivals. Soon, Holy Smoke was catering weddings, birthdays and other local events. As their popularity grew, they started taking orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Through their hard work and volunteer support, Holy Smoke (the ministry) has a huge local following (including the Viau family). What’s more, the building debt for St. Andrew’s on-the-Hill has been cut in half in just five years.

It’s quite a nice success story, and you can help keep the fires burning. Holy Smoke is now taking holiday orders for both Thanksgiving and Christmas — for whole smoked turkeys, bone-in turkey breasts, roasting hens (chicken), stuffed pork loins and beef briskets.

Orders for Thanksgiving must be reserved by Nov. 9, for pick up Nov. 23. Christmas orders must be reserved by Dec. 9, for pick up Dec. 23.

To place your order, call Jennifer at 648-7550.

Next week, I’m going to give you all the healthy, happy reasons why you should toss all of your left-over Halloween candy and brace yourself for the eating onslaught coming your way in next couple months. Here’s a little sampler: Smoked meats = Good. Taters and Gravy = Bad.