HomeAgain - Lost Dog Found!

By Animal Hospital of Waynesville | Mar 22, 2013
Athena the pug

91 Depot Street, Waynesville — The conversation began with, “you did what?” I had sent my beloved, adorable, short nosed, brown eyed, curly tailed pug, Athena with my mother for her annual check-up. A simple laundry list of things to do, complete her annual visit, ensure that her shots are up to date and bring her home safely with nicely trimmed toenails. Little did I know my mother would proceed to authorize the vet to give Miss Athena a microchip.

As soon as she told me what she had done, my automatic response was, “you did what?” I hadn’t planned on a microchip, much less did I understand how will the microchip really benefit her overall health and wellbeing. Little did I know, 3 years later how much this microchip would really mean.

Time had passed and Athena had grown older. At the spry age of 11 she has poor eye sight and at times becomes a bit disoriented. On a normal potty break outside, she must have become a bit disoriented and continued to wander up the road, over the hill, and far away from home. As soon as I discovered that she wasn’t sunbathing, pottying or visiting the neighbors… I panicked.

The evening was spent searching for my sweet Athena, only to come up empty handed. I was devastated, broken hearted and I didn’t know what to do.

Then my mother reminded me of a veterinary visit many years ago where Athena had received a microchip, much to my dismay. I dug through my filing cabinet to find the information and contacted HomeAgain to see what could be done to bring Athena home. The Lost Pet Specialist was quick to help send out a lost pet alert to local animal shelters, veterinary clinics and other registered HomeAgain customers in the area. I was provided a list of local rescue centers with contact numbers so that I could begin calling to locate Athena right away.


After logging into the HomeAgain Website the next morning I discovered a wealth of resources. I uploaded a recent photo of Athena and placed it on a printable lost pet flyer. As I was grabbing my posters from the printer, set to trek all over town, my phone began to ring.  The local shelter was calling to let me know that a gentleman had brought in a pug that matched her description and after scanning for a microchip they were alerted that she was in fact Athena the pug.

I rushed to the shelter in complete disbelief. It had really worked, I was prepared for the worst, but it could really be her. As soon as I hit the doors to the shelter I knew it was miss Athena.

The kind gentleman had returned from dinner out with his wife to notice a small pug sitting at the bottom of the road by the stop sign. Before settle in for the evening the gentleman thought that he should make sure that the little dog had gone home, only to find her still sitting there not knowing where to go. His family took her in for the evening, kept her safe and took her to the shelter the next morning to see if her owner was looking for her.

My Athena made it home safe and I now know to keep an extra keen eye on her. What I can’t help but wonder is how different this experience could have been without the HomeAgain Microchip.

March is Microchip Month and my local veterinarian, the Animal Hospital of Waynesville is offering a discount on the HomeAgain microchip and variety of coupons to Facebook and Twitter followers. Someone will even walk away with a free microchip this month. Visit www.Animalhosp.com for additional information or call (828)456.9755 to schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped today.