Homeschool geocaching field trip is Dec. 9

By Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department | Nov 21, 2013

The Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department will offer a geocaching field trip to homeschool students Monday, Dec. 9. The trip is for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. The field trip will leave at 1 p.m. from the Waynesville Recreation Center to explore the area for "hidden treasures" of the geocaching world.

The word "geocaching" refers to "geo" for geography and to "caching," which is the process of hiding a cache. A cache in computer terms usually refers to information stored in memory to make it faster to retrieve. But the term is also used in hiking and camping as a hiding place for concealing and preserving provisions.
Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that is happening right now. There are 2,271,132 active geocachers today.
The cost is $3 for members of the Waynesville Recreation Center or $5 for non-members. For more information, call the Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department at 456-2030 or email