Hospital community focus groups to be held first week in March

Feb 19, 2013

MedWest-Haywood announce a series of community focus groups to be held throughout Haywood County the first week in March.
“The purpose of the community groups is to create a focused environment designed to capture current perceptions of our hospital from those who live here,” said Janie Sinacore-Jaberg, president and CEO of MedWest-Haywood. “We need to hear directly from those we serve, and those we hope to serve,” she said. Participants will be asked general questions about their experience and expectations of their local hospital.
The groups will be held at a number of locations including Waynesville, Canton, Maggie Valley and Clyde and will feature an instant audience response system to capture participants’ answers. Participants will be provided a handheld device and asked to register their response to a multiple choice question asked by Sinacore-Jaberg. Anonymous results will be instantly displayed on a screen. Session size will be limited to 15 to 20 participants in each group. Each session will last 90 minutes.
“This will be an important step in finding out where we’re meeting our residents’ needs and where we’re not. This level of transparency is essential in gathering input, both positive and constructive, so we can serve our community,” Sinacore-Jaberg said.
For more information or if you’re interested in participating, call Andrea Robbins at 631-8889 or email for a reservation. Date, location and time options will be provided when you call.