Hospital reopening could be mid-July

Jun 26, 2014

It's been a week since complications following an electrical fire on the second floor of MedWest-Haywood caused the hospital to close the main building, and it's still unclear when it will reopen.

"Our timeline to reopen is still tentative, but we know for sure that reopening our hospital to patient care will happen in a matter of weeks, not months as some rumors would indicate," said hospital spokesperson Christina Deidesheimer in a press release Thursday morning.

The fire, which was contained to the electrical room, caused issues with the air conditioning, which prompted hospital leaders to evacuate the hospital late that night.

The emergency department is operating out of a fully equipped mobile unit called MED-1 located in the hospital parking lot and is open to all emergency walk-in patients.

The hospital's auxiliary services such as MedWest's Outpatient Care Center, Urgent Care Centers, the Homestead hospice facility and hospital-owned physician practices are staffed, open and serving the public, as is the Health & Fitness Center.

Before the hospital can be reopened, the safety and dependability of the power systems must be verified, medical equipment and devices must be assessed and the hospital must be inspected by the Department of Healthcare and Services Review and other agencies.

"We are pleased with the progress made so far," Deidesheimer said. "Based on the information we currently have, we believe we will be able to re-open services located in the main hospital such as the Emergency Department, and administration offices in early July. Carolinas MED-1 will remain onsite in a supporting role while we transition back to the main facility’s Emergency Department. We hope to reopen our inpatient units mid-month, with our hospital fully, normally operating by late summer."

Deidesheimer noted that technical and governmental approvals may cause that timeline to shift.

"We will continue to update the community as we know more. Our team is working very hard in concert with RDK Engineers, Carolinas HealthCare System and other partners to get MedWest Haywood up and running as quickly as possible. We can’t thank everyone in the community enough for their support," she said.