Hospital setting up mobile emergency department

Only walking-emergency patients are being admitted
Jun 20, 2014

MedWest-Haywood is still accepting walk-in emergencies, however there are currently no patients in the hospital and all ambulances are being directed to other facilities following a small fire Thursday evening.

There were no injuries and no eminent dangers to patients or staff after fire fighters quickly extinguished the fire, which was contained to the electrical room on the first floor.

The fire caused some of the air handling units to malfunction, making it difficult to cool the hospital.

Hospital authorities made the decision late Thursday evening to transfer the patients and staff in the hospital to another facility. Staff evaluated patients and some were discharged from hospital care. A total of 62 patients were either relocated or discharged.

The hospital has transferred the emergency department to a mobile facility located in the parking lot, which will be fully staffed by MedWest-Haywood employees.

The mobile emergency department is full equipped with 13 beds, four ICU units, X-ray machine, ultrasound machine and pharmacy.

"With this unit we will be able to stabilize and transfer patients," Deidesheimer said.

There is currently no timeline for when the hospital and emergency department will be up and running again. Deidesheimer stressed that these measures — evacuation and the mobile emergency department — were taken as an "abundance of caution" to ensure the safety and comfort of patients and staff.

The mobile emergency department will be taking the place of the actual emergency department until further notice.

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