I'm thankful for...

By Vicki Hyatt | Nov 22, 2013

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, I came up with this list of the 10 things for which I’m more thankful. I challenge you to do the same thing.

It’s uplifting to think about the big picture, even as we are mired in everyday details.

It doesn’t need to be during a time specifically set aside for list-making, either. I came up with this one on my morning walk at the fitness center.

Even though I didn’t have a pen to write the list down as it came to me, the thankful thread of my life doesn’t vary, so it was easy to jot down, even several days later.

Here’s my thankful list.

1) I’m thankful for a loving family that always has my back and is tolerant of more things than there is room to list. I couldn’t have hand-picked a better group of people to be in my corner even if it had been possible to do that.

2) I’m thankful for my parents, now both deceased, who taught me things that have endured for decades and that I still reflect upon today. Interestingly, I learned as much from the ups and downs in their lives as I did from the words of wisdom they shared.

3) I’m thankful for living in the United States and specifically in such a beautiful part of our nation. There are still mornings when the sunrise takes my breath away, nights when the harvest moon conjures up unforgettable memories and the evening sunset is a splendor that can only be savored while it lasts.

4) I’m thankful to have a job that I look forward to each and every day. I like that I have a chance to make a difference in our community and that each day offers a unique opportunity to learn something new, meet someone amazing or work on stories to share with you.

5) I’m thankful to live in a community filled with caring, generous people who readily respond to every good cause we’ve ever written about in The Mountaineer.

6) I’m thankful for the uncomplicated life my husband and I have been able to build, despite living in a complicated world. We take joy in simple things like tending our livestock, raising our own vegetables and savoring the meals we prepare mostly from the things we grow.

7) I’m thankful for the people I work with and interact with on a regular basis, whether at the gym during my morning fitness class, at the farmers market where I sell beef, in the community organizations I deal with regularly or my extended work family. They are the salt of the earth and I feel lucky they are in my life.

8) I’m thankful that, no matter what happens, I trust in God to help me find the good of it, whether it is joy in the moment, a lesson in the pain or growth through the challenges I can’t handle alone.

9) I’m thankful for reasonably good health, despite a few aches and pains that are difficult to ignore. I take heart in something Vi Terrell said a while back — during her eighth straight hour of volunteering at a Kiwanis fundraising event. “When you get as old as I am, there’s something that hurts almost all the time. You just go on.”

10) I’m thankful for this life and all it includes. It is one I strive to live with purpose and in a way I’m hoping will fulfill a greater plan that I can scarcely understand now, but trust will be revealed in good time.