Inmates plant potatoes for needy

By DeeAnna Haney | May 10, 2014
Photo by: Heidi Warren Haywood County inmates till the land to plant seed potatoes for the needy.

Haywood and Madison County inmates were recruited to do some farm work for a good cause last week.

In a collaboration between a local preacher and the two county sheriffs, the inmates planed 550 pounds of seed potatoes in Madison County that will eventually help feed the hungry in both counties.

Jeff Moore, pastor of James Chapel Church, said the Lord led him to

"I saw the need in our community and I just saw an opportunity to use some old tobacco farmland that we had that wasn't being used anymore," Moore said.

He collaborated with his friends, Haywood County Sheriff Greg Christopher and Madison County Sheriff Buddy Harwood to allow inmates to do the work.

"We can use them for that effort that, who knows, could be supplying food that could go back to one of their families," Moore said.

Three inmates from each detention center went to the land in Madison County last Friday to drop donated seed potatoes into the tilled earth. Fertilizer was donated by Pioneer Feed and Seed. Inmates will be brought back to the crop every so often to care for it as it grows.

The resulting potatoes will be harvested and distributed to The Open Door, Haywood Christian Ministry and the Canton Community Kitchen in Haywood County and the Beacon of Hope in Madison County.

Deputy Heidi Warren, public information officer for the sheriff's office, said some of the potatoes may be used in the meals for Haywood inmates.

"The hope is that others will see this and if they have land to donate for the use of something similar, maybe we can plant an acre of corns here or an acre of beans there," Warren said. "It gives the inmates a chance to gain skills and gives them a chance to get out and give back to the community."