Insurance marketplace: Send in documents to keep coverage

Aug 19, 2014

This year the Affordable Care Act allowed many consumers in Western North Carolina to enroll in health insurance through the Federal Marketplace.  This summer the Marketplace began sending notices to consumers with data matching issues (inconsistencies).

A data matching issue can happen when the information provided in the consumer’s application is incomplete or does not match the information the government has on file. A notice from the Federal Marketplace does not mean that there is a problem with a consumer’s eligibility, it only means that additional information is needed.

Most consumers have responded by submitting the documents requested. However, if you have received a request for information and not responded, it is important that you submit the documents requested so you can stay covered through the Marketplace and keep any help you get with premiums and cost-sharing.

If you’ve been getting reminder calls, letters and emails from the Marketplace, but still haven’t submitted the requested, now is the time. Some of you may receive a warning notice in the mail telling you that September 5, 2014 is your last deadline to submit these documents.

If you don’t respond:

  • You are at risk of losing your Marketplace health insurance
  • Your premium tax credits or help with cost-sharing may be changing or ending

If you don’t act now, the Marketplace will send you a final notice in September telling you that your last day of Marketplace coverage will be September 30, 2014.

If you received a letter from the Marketplace, but think you’ve already submitted your documents, or have questions, we’re here to help. Call Mountain Projects at 1-800-627-1548 and tell them you received a data matching warning notice. The call is free.

Mountain Projects has Healthcare Insurance Navigators who serve the seven western-most counties of North Carolina.  Healthcare Insurance Navigators assist consumers in exploring their insurance options in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Currently, Navigators are helping clients resolve data matching issues and sign up for health insurance through Special Enrollment Periods. Open Enrollment for 2015 will be held from November 14, 2014 until February 15, 2015. In-person appointments are available in each of the seven westernmost counties at no cost to the consumer.