Jail program receives continuation grant funds

Dec 09, 2013

For the past six years, Meridian has been providing substance abuse assessment and group therapy services two times a week in both the Haywood and Jackson county jails, services that may not be possible without the ongoing financial support of the Evergreen Foundation.

The $27,000 grant covers services for a year.

The jail program has not only positively impacted the individuals served but has proven to be an invaluable treatment resource to the local jails. Most research indicates that 80-90 percent of incarcerated individuals have significant substance abuse challenges.

Incarcerating individuals without assessing and treating their substance abuse does little to break the cycle of re-offending/imprisonment.

Meridian staff report that after an individual has been incarcerated for a period of time, his/her brain is no longer awash in poly substances and as a result is much more receptive to treatment interventions.

In addition, the Matrix treatment model that is used in the jail program is the same one used in Meridian's Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program.

Once an individual is released from jail, he/she can go directly into an outpatient program that employs the same strategies, language, concepts, which increases the likelihood of a successful transition and recovery.


The Evergreen Foundation is a local nonprofit agency that provides infrastructure support, start-up and service provision grants and scholarships to address mental health issues.

Comments (2)
Posted by: Robert E Johnson | Dec 05, 2013 08:05

I don't know why we have these expensive rehabs after a person gets off of alcohol or drugs. when a person completes these programs they tell them to go to AA and NA... AA and NA does not except any outside conurbations of monies. AA and NA would be happy to come to the jails and help the ones that need help. We need the drying out centers for sure but we really do not need a place for a person to just sit and get fat for 30 days listening to some body telling then not to drink or take drugs, when the person telling them has never been thru the ordeal. AA and NA are people recovering themselves and know exactly how one is feeling needing help. Not some person that has just read and studied about how to stop drinking or using drugs. Any way after the program the program wants there patient to go to AA and NA. AA and NA has the best results anyway of recovering... Just saying....   

Posted by: David Woody | Dec 05, 2013 09:41

What the heck is a "conurbation" of monies?  Is that like a contribution?  Just saying...Meridian also does offer counseling programs run by peers who are recovering addicts.

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