'Jesus loves me'

By Keri Hill | Mar 14, 2017

“Jesus loves me / This I know / For the Bible tells me so.”

Several months ago, I had the children at church sing this song for me. As adults, I think we tend to forget that this simple child’s song is also one of the most truth-filled songs too.

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to stand before a roomful of women of all ages and speak to them about the love of God. Not the fairy tale romance of Hollywood, but the true, life-altering, soul-changing love of God.

Have you ever heard the term agape? Agage is a Greco-Christian term referring to "love: the highest form of love, charity," and "the love of God for man and of man for God."

It’s the act of love that is stronger than any human love we’ve ever known. It is love given to us while we are still sinners, and it was that kind of love that God had for us that caused him to send his son to the cross.

As a mother to two teenagers, I tend to think that I can fully understand the love of God. I mean — I love my children unconditionally. I cry when they do; I rejoice in their triumphs. I carried them and felt their first kicks and hiccups. I rocked and sang and prayed over them as infants, and I still pray over them today. There isn’t anything on Earth that is as precious to me as my family.

Last week, my daughter Jessy was home sick from school when she got up to get something to drink. The illness had just started the night before, and I wasn’t aware she was very sick until she passed out in the kitchen while reaching for a cup. There isn’t much scarier than hearing your child hit the floor.

My husband rushed to get her as I ran in circles, panicked. She was later diagnosed with the flu and dehydration, and I found myself thinking about how worried I was for her when she passed out. I spent a sleepless night that night on the couch listening for her to wake up so I could make sure she didn’t pass out again.

At some point during that long night, it occurred to me that for as much as I loved my daughter, that God was fully in control, because he loves her so much more. That kind of love is unfathomable to me, but it’s also so soul-stirring that I can’t help but give God praise for it.

Yes, Jesus does love me. That’s my North Star and beacon that carries me through my days. It’s the agape love that I know God has for my children, and for you and for me.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)