Judges scored in statewide evaluation

By DeeAnna Haney | Feb 06, 2014

Local district court judges are doing a good job according to an evaluation by lawyers who have worked with them.

The North Carolina Bar Association recently released a new survey evaluating the performance of all the judges in the state who are eligible for election this year. The purpose of the survey is to provide information to the public so voters can make an informed decision on Election Day.

The survey, which was conducted in October 2013, was taken by attorneys with an active North Carolina law license. They were asked to rate judges with whom they have interacted professionally in six different categories: integrity and impartiality, legal ability, professionalism, communication, administrative skills and overall performance.

In overall performance, each of the three judges in District 30 including Kristina L. Earwood, Donna Forga and Roy Wijewickrama scored 4.09, 4.10 and 4.31 respectively. The scores were out of the highest possible 5-point scale, placing them all between "good" and "excellent."

Scoring highest of the three judges, Wijewickrama received high ratings in the categories of professionalism, communication and integrity and impartiality. His highest average rating was a 4.44 in communication and his lowest average rating was a 4.23 in legal ability.

Forga's marks were also high, with the highest average rating a 4.30 in integrity and impartiality. Her lowest average score was a 4.01 in legal ability.

Earwood finished just .01 point below Forga with a highest average score of 4.25 in integrity and impartiality and a lowest average of 3.95 in professionalism.

Superior court judges in the 30th District were not included in the survey because they are not eligible for re-election this year.

In March, the committee will conduct a separate survey evaluating the qualifications of each challenger who files for election against an incumbent judge, which will be released in April. Results from both surveys will be presented as an online voter's guide on the NCBA Website.

The entire survey can be found at www.ncbar.org.

Kristina L. Earwood






Overall: 4.09


Donna Forga






Overall: 4.10


Roy Wijewickrama






Overall: 4.32

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Posted by: Allen Alsbrooks | Feb 08, 2014 11:58

We are very fortunate to have these judges sitting in our district. The care, compassion, and fairness of each of these judges could be benchmarked and laid out as goals for other districts.

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