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Jul 14, 2013

There’s plenty of blame for both parties

To the editor:

I would have more respect for Democrats and Republicans if they would take responsibility for their past mistakes and stop trying to cover them up.

I would respect Republicans more if they would concede that the financial collapse occurred under their watch and as a result of insufficient regulation and enforcement, and stop trying to shift the blame to Obama.

I would respect the present Democratic administration more if they would hold the criminals accountable who are responsible for the investment/banking/housing frauds.

I have yet to hear a Republican say, “Yes, we were wrong under the leadership of Bush and Cheney when we invaded Iraq. We were mistaken to start an unethical war based on misinformation and conjured reasons and to finance it by borrowing money from China. Our party leaders wanted to look tough by doing something dramatic after 9/11, so they had us invade a country which had nothing to do with that attack and kill hundreds of thousands of persons.”

Ten years and trillions of dollars later, we are experiencing the after effects.

Consider the physical and mental damage to our veterans. Consider the funding cuts for education and research. Consider our crumbling infrastructure, higher taxes, reduced services, loss of privacy, and the desensitizing of our ethics.

We and our descendants will be penalized for decades for this momentous blunder with all the short and long term consequences. Both Republicans and Democrats must shoulder the responsibility for the change in much of the world’s perception of our nation from being fair and just to being a bully that even mistreats its prisoners.

I would have more respect for both parties if they would stop putting short range profits before the public’s health and start passing laws to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels to ensure a cleaner planet.

I would have more respect for all politicians if they would have the moral fortitude to reject bribery and influences from big business and other special interest groups. When will we demand and vote into office individuals who are ethical and who have the greatest good as their guiding principle?

J.A. Gregory


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