July 29 reader letters

Jul 26, 2013

Presnell has jeopardized Lake Junaluska’s future

To the letter:

Attached is a letter sent to Rep. Michele Presnell.

I have been a homeowner in the Lake Junaluska Assembly in Haywood County for the past 15 years. I have great difficulty understanding your blocking the passage of Senate Bill 290 which was already passed in the Senate at the recent session in Raleigh.

Two-thirds of the people who own property expressed the desire to have the residential part of the Assembly become part of the town of Waynesville.

It’s apparent to us who live here that the cost of living here will go up to effect over 800 people that own property and pay taxes in Haywood County.

Your actions have jeopardized the future of our Assembly as well as the condition of the Lake that is the center of our community.

This impacts the value of our home. I do wonder what you have gained in preventing the House to process our request. It’s too bad you are not in my voting district because you certainly have not earned our respect for the people that live around us in Waynesville and the Lake Junaluska Assembly.

Wishing you were in  my voting district.

The Rev. Don Keck

Lake Junaluska