July 4 in Waynesville was rainy, but fun

By Vicki Hyatt | Jul 04, 2013
Photo by: Vicki Hyatt Leandro Martinez stays warm and dry during the Waynesville July 4 activities thanks to mother, Elizabeth.

The intermittent rain on July 4 didn't stop the planned festivities in downtown Waynesville.

An outdoor cookout, music on the street, face painting and more made Independence Day a special event. Most carried umbrellas or simply stood beneath the many store awnings when rain became heavier.

For Gene and Deeanna Baldwin of Columbia, South Carolina, their long weekend was off to a great start.

"We come here as often as we can," said Gene. "We like Haywood County, but there's just something magical about Waynesville."

Elizabeth Martinez of Asheville said her family decided to head to Waynesville in search of a daytime festival to attend.

"This is our first year in the area," she said, "and there's nothing going on until evening.

The scheduled 11 a.m. children's parade was cancelled, and unless the sun should suddenly appear, the 2 p.m. Haywood Community Band concert will not happen.