Junaluska fifth graders begin leadership/service program

Sep 30, 2013


This year’s fifth graders at Junaluska Elementary School will have the opportunity to participate in a unique leadership/service program at their school.

The program began with a field trip to Montreat College where all fifth graders spent the day learning to work as a team.

Montreat’s Team and Leadership Center used their low ropes course facilities to lead students through group initiatives which required them to work together to successfully complete difficult tasks.

Students learned they had to “give help in order to get help so they could be successful.”  The fifth graders at Junaluska were very positive about their experience and stated that the activities helped them learn about themselves and how they can hurt or help their team when working on a group project.

The field trip is a spring board for the leadership/service program that will be implemented all year.  The program is based on the ideas that as the oldest students in the school, fifth graders are in a unique position to reach out to younger students and model positive behavior and service.

During the month of September, all fifth graders had the opportunity to volunteer to participate in a team that served the school in some way.  Teams such as greeters, morning assembly leaders, flag corp, study buddies, cafeteria and custodial helpers, and recycling were among the options.

Volunteers are assigned a team, trained and given duties to fulfill during the school year.

Junaluska Elementary School administrators are hopeful this new program will encourage positive relationships between younger and older students and take the helpful, cooperative spirit of the school to a new level.

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