June 14 letters

Jun 13, 2013

A personal response

To the editor:

I found it very refreshing to have received a personal response to an e-mail I sent to Congressman Meadows staff. I wanted to thank him for his amendment to house bill H.R 2217.

I hope and pray I receive equal treatment, If ever I have the need to voice disagreement with the Congressman.

David Hall




Funding agencies thanked

To the editor:

When the Francis Mill Preservation Society was founded in 2003 we knew it could take a very long time to restore the then 116 year old grist mill to working order.  None of us imagined that most of the work would be completed in only 6 weeks which was spread over three summers.

Neither did we have any idea the number of folks that would come together to see William Francis’ mill restored to its heyday.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many individuals and groups who have made it possible to restore and preserve the Francis Grist Mill for future generations.

The restoration of the Francis Grist Mill in Francis Cove was made possible by volunteers from Haywood County, all over the USA and as far away as Switzerland. Those volunteers provided thousands of hours in order to return the mill to working order.

Funding for restoration work at the Francis Grist Mill was provided by the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills (SPOOM), the James G. K. McClure Foundation, the Society for Industrial Archaeology, the Terence L. Mills Preservation Fund for North and South Carolina, the Haywood County Community Foundation, the Steele Reese Foundation, the Janirve Foundation, the Bethel Rural Community Organization and MAST General Store as well as many individuals and businesses.

The National Register listing for Historic Places nomination for the Francis Grist Mill was funded by a matching grant from the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, Francis Mill Preservation Society, the Bethel Rural Community Organization, Haywood County Historical and Genealogy Society, MAST General Store.The nomination was prepared by Clay Griffith, Acme Preservation Services of Asheville, NC and Patrick Willis.

Evelyn Coltman of Bethel Rural Community Organization deserves a special thank you for writing the grant to BRNHA in order to secure those matching funds.

It has taken more than a village to put Haywood County’s Francis Grist Mill on the National Register of Historic Places and we thank you.

Tanna B. Timbes

Francis Mill Preservation Society, president

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