Junior Roller Derby Registration

By Smoky Mountain Sk8way | Apr 27, 2012
Girls ages 11-17 are lining up to learn fitness and fierceness through full contact sport!
Waynesville, North Carolina— Roller derby is the fastest growing spo...rt in the world with the number of leagues more than tripling in the last 2 years! Smoky Mountain Sk8way in conjunction with the Balsam Mountain Roller Girls kick off a new Junior Derby League for girls 11-17 years in age. The girls learn the basics of skating plus derby skills and strategy under the guidance of the Balsam Mountain Roller Girls, Haywood County’s first flat track women’s team.
"My girls and I are so excited", explains Drop HUR Dead Fred who plays on the Women's Roller Derby team and has two daughters who will be participating in the junior league. "The program offers an opportunity for my girls far beyond just learning athleticism and physical skills. The girls will gain confidence, self esteem and learn teamwork in a sport that is challenging yet fun. I know because that is what roller derby is doing for me. I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with them."
The program is based on the same rules and skill levels as set forth by the Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA).
Skill Level I – By passing this Level the skater has demonstrated the basic skating competency necessary to safely engage in non-contact (positional blocking) play.

Skill Level II – By passing this Level the skater has demonstrated the basic skating competency necessary to safely engage in the JRDA Full Contact play. During this time the trainers and skaters should be emphasizing fluidity of motion and building skeletal muscular strength and endurance.

Skill Level III – By passing this Level the skater has demonstrated WFTDA level competency and is eligible to skate by WFTDA unmodified rules.

Area girls and their parents are invited to attend the sign up on Saturday April 28, 2012 at Smoky Mountain Sk8way from 10:00 am to noon. Balsam Mountain Junior Roller Girl registration is for beginning skaters to intermediate skaters. The cost is $40 a month which includes junior derby dues plus a free monthly skate pass to all regular skate sessions at Smoky Mountain Sk8way. An additional $35 fee is required for USARS insurance and is only due once a year. Smoky Mountain Sk8way will be providing rental skates for those who do not have their own, however, the skaters will be required to purchase skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet within a month of joining. This gear can be purchased at the Sk8way or online. We will provide purchasing opportunities and sizing at registration.
"Junior Derby is a great way to give girls the freedom to express themselves in a safe and encouraging environment with a variety of positive role models." explains Polly Pounder, a former San Diego Derby Doll who is Head Coach and skater for the BMRG senior team.
For more information on Balsam Mountain Junior Roller Girl registration or about Balsam Mountain Roller Girls please contact JoLynn Bryant at 828-246-9124 or info@BalsamMountainRollerGirls.com.
About Balsam Mountain
Balsam Mountain Roller Girls are Haywood County’s first women’s flat track roller derby team. Started in 2011, the team has a roster of 25 women and 2 referees. The team embodies the “we can do it” attitude of the iconic Rosie the Riveter and brings empowerment to women from all over Western North Carolina.
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