Kardashian claims weight loss due to intimacy

By John Taylor | Aug 07, 2012

Last time Kim Kardashian and weight loss were mentioned together was in June when she and her sisters, Khole and Kourtney, refused to settle a lawsuit that accuses them of misleading consumers about the effectiveness of the fat burning supplement, QuickTrim.
The Kardashian sisters say they are going to fight this lawsuit in court, and stated that there is no legal precedent that holds spokespeople accountable for endorsing a product that doesn’t meet consumer expectations.  
However, Kim  stopped short of stating QuickTrim led to her noticeable weight loss, and this week, announced that she shed the unwanted pounds due to “making whoopee” with her music mogul boyfriend, Kayne West.
Proclaiming she is on a “sex diet,” Kim says she was recently able to lose seven pounds in seven days by simply being “a very naughty girl” with West.
My first reaction to this statement was, “no freaking way.” Though I’ve heard people say, “sex is the best exercise for weight loss” I’ve always thought this though was more wishful thinking than a scientific fact.
Both the American Colleges of Sports Medicine and the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance have both published studies that found the most successful exercise programs that lead to the most significant weight loss results require individuals to workout nonstop in their active or target heart rate for a minimum of thirty consecutive minutes. Though there may be more vigorous “whoopee makers” than others, I’ve always thought that few individuals can maintain an exercise pace in the bedroom fast enough to maintain an elevated heart rate for a 30 minute (or longer) duration.
The calorie burning algorithm developed by the Carter Center at Emory University indicates that a 180 pound adult male is only able to burn 173 calories in 30 minutes from engaging in moderate sexual activity. When compared to performing other forms of exercise for 30 minutes such as elliptical training (464 calories), rowing (286 calories) or running at a five mile per hour pace (346 calories), relying on sexual intercourse as a means for weight loss doesn’t lead to the best outcomes.
So from a scientific and common sense perspective, I don’t believe for one second that Kim Kardashian obtained this type of weight loss from simply having a little fun with Kayne West on a regular basis.
However, if I was Kim, I would keep my mouth shut about claiming sexual intercourse led to shedding some unwanted pounds. After all, wouldn’t that contradict her testimonial about QuickTrim being a huge factor in her weight loss? Doesn’t this mean a jury could find her liable in the upcoming lawsuit because by her own account, she lost weight due to whoopee instead of using the QuickTrim supplement?
Either way, perhaps she may want to cut back on both. Kayne West has also come out and said he loved her curves, and doesn’t like it that Kim is getting skinny. A spokesperson for West told the Australian News that Kayne believes Kim is giving into pressure from peers and society, and doesn’t think she needs to lose weight.
Well Kayne, it’s commendable you love Kim for the way she looks and you aren’t demanding that loses further weight. But if you want to do those who are struggling with weight loss a favor, can you please tell Kim it’s irresponsible to claim sex with you leads to significant weight loss?
That’s if your ego will allow it. I’m sure your apology letter to Taylor Swift for your actions at the MTV Music Video Awards is also forthcoming too … right?