Keller Williams Realty assists HWA

By Haywood Waterways Association | May 20, 2014
Photo by: Christine O'Brien Sheila Ledford and Rob Roland get their hands dirty as they paint stormdrains in Waynesville.

On May 8, five associates from Keller Williams Realty joined Haywood Waterways Association to stencil stormdrains in downtown Waynesville.

Every year on the second Thursday in May, Keller William Associates in the United States and Canada take a break from their daily work to give back to the community. The annual event was held early in the morning before the traffic picked up and the heat of the day settled in.

Two groups of volunteers, armed with their choice of colored spray paint, spread out and marked various stormdrains throughout downtown Waynesville. A total of 20 stormdrain were marked with the message “Don’t Dump, Drains to Pigeon River.” The hope is that the brightly colored message near the stormdrains will increase the public’s awareness that whatever enters the stormdrains in Waynesville will eventually make its way, untreated, to the Pigeon River.  As rainwater flows over pavement in urban areas, it can pick up trash, automobile oil and other chemicals and wash them into the stormdrains.  The chemicals in stormwater can be toxic to fish and trash obviously unsightly to onlookers.

Stormwater pollution can be reduced by keeping cars tuned up and placing trash in garbage cans or recycling containers.