Lady is in residence at STAR

Mar 08, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo Lady has a new home at STAR ranch

A phone call came in to STAR Ranch Jan. 10, that there was a horse that could use some help. Animal Control received the same call.  Together, both groups saw that the  old mare received the help she needed.

The STAR staff regularly took feed and hay. A vet checked her out, neighbors pitched in, and in due course Lady was allowed to come to STAR Ranch by her owner — and in the nick of time.

When the temps were dropping and it was pouring rain, Lady was wearing a blanket and traveling to the ranch. She walked into a clean dry stall where everything she needed was waiting.

Levi, a surviving burn victim and the newest rescue at STAR Ranch, greeted her warmly.  They nuzzled each other, nose to nose, no squeeling, and Lady knew she had found a friend.  She has been alone since her pasture mate died several months ago.

“Even though she is 32, with 3 to 4 small meals a day, she will gain back some of her weight.  She will be pampered as long as she lives at STAR,” said Karen Owens, co-founder of the ranch. "She is scheduled to have her hooves trimmed, her teeth floated, and her coat, mane and tail brushed out."

“Kind of a horse spa day,” said Mike Rodriguez, who helps with the horses.

Lady’s young owner of 8 said good-bye as Lady loaded gracefully into the STAR horse trailer.  There were no tears for her because she knew that it was time for Lady to have a new home. Lady's owner is excited that she can come visit her "big ole brown horse" when ever she wants.

Lady is horse No. 56 to arrive at STAR Ranch in the six years it has been operating.

“Every horse and every situation is different,” said Owens.  “but, they all need the same thing — a little help and a second chance.”

Volunteers regularly help with the hands on work needed at the ranch.  With no paid staff,  “it’s the volunteers who generously give of their time and talents that make STAR Ranch possible,” said Rodriguez, who knows first hand how much work there is to be done on a working ranch with 15 horses — many with special needs.

Visit or follow STAR on Facebook.  Call 400-4940 for more information or to volunteer.


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