Last day to drop off coins

By Vicki Hyatt | Jan 27, 2014
Photo by: Vicki Hyatt Haywood Builders Supply's Allen Newland drops off the last bucket of coins collected at the store. Haywood Builders, along with numerous other businesses and individuals, have been regularly collecting coins for the Million Coin Campaign: Cash Conquers Cold.

On Tuesday, a nearly two-year campaign to gather spare change to help provide winter heat for those in need will come on an end.

That means Monday is the last day to contribute. Every single penny that is now in a container at the Waynesville Police Department will be used for blankets, infrared heaters, oil or electric bills — all especially vital this year as sub-zero temperatures linger in Haywood. When you stop by to drop in a few coins or a coffe-can full, take a guess about how much money in the the box. There will be a bag of goodies awaiting the person whose guess is the closest.

Just drop a piece of paper that includes your guess, along with your contact information into the box. Once the money is counted, we’ll all know who the winner is.

The truth of the matter is everyone will be winners since it took a communitywide effort to get this far.