Learn to play piano

Southwestern Community College - Burrell Conference Ctr #102A
447 College Dr., Sylva, NC 29779
Jenny Williams
May 09, 2013
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Learning to play the piano needn't be a tortuous regimen of scales, exercises, note-reading, counting, and theory. It can be a simple matter of taking a few hours to learn how to play the piano the way the pros do—with chords.  Save time and money with this innovative approach that shows you the easy way to play several songs right in class -- then develop your techniques at home using the 60-minute CD (or cassette) provided by the instructor.  This is a beginning course in chord piano techniques that will have you playing your favorite songs with both hands soon after this one session.  Ability to read TREBLE CLEF recommended.  Note:  send a self-addressed stamped envelope to SMI, 31 Killian Road, Asheville, NC  28804 for a free pamphlet on reading treble clef.

Contact Jenny Williams to register at 828-339-4497.