Let me buy you flowers

By Caroline Klapper | Jan 15, 2013
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I was grocery shopping this weekend when I walked past a bin of flowers for sale.

You know the kind — bunches of ready-made bouquets or individually wrapped stems just waiting for a vase. As I do normally, I eyed the flowers and thought about buying some, but then talked myself out of it as I went on to do my real shopping.

After all, I was not there to buy flowers.

But as I made my way to the checkout line, I was pulled back to the colorful blooms. Before I knew it, I was snapping up a few small bouquets to take home along with my milk and bread.

I got home and happily arranged the yellow and green blooms in a vase and put them on a side table in the living room. They really brightened up the room and made me smile.

It got me thinking about the idea of “treating” myself every now and then.

While waiting for a boyfriend or spouse to give you flowers on your birthday, or Valentine’s Day, or sometimes “just because,” is often the usual route for getting store-bought flowers, why should that be?

If you like flowers and have a few extra dollars to spend, buy them for yourself. It’s no big deal.

I long ago got over eating in restaurants by myself or going to the movies alone if none of my friends were available or willing to go with me. It can be kind of nice actually. I’ve even gone to theme parks by myself and had an awesome time. If I want to ride that one roller coaster 10 times until I feel sick, then I can. No complaints from anyone!

Of course, treating yourself doesn’t have to involve flowers or roller coasters. It can be as simple as taking a relaxing bubble bath, buying those shoes you’ve had your eye on for months, or doing something you love but rarely set aside enough time for in your life.

Although our children, significant others, jobs, friends and family all have their important place in our lives, we should be important to ourselves, too. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about giving yourself time to be you. So go out there and treat yourself to a little piece of what makes you happy from time to time.

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