'Let me Call you Sweetheart' photo contest sweet with winners

The Mountaineer Facebook contest announces winners
Feb 08, 2013
First place vote getter: "After meeting in the fifth grade and dating till marriage, my parents, Paul and Lisa Stiles, now celebrate 21 years of marriage and 29 years all together," said Kaitlyn Sitles. "They made it by centering there relationship and family around God. Not many people can say they are still together with their elementary school sweetheart, But they are happy to say they have made it and plan on making it till death do them part."

The Mountaineer ran a “Let me Call you Sweetheart” photo contest on Facebook, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The response was overwhelming.
Facebook fans submitted pictures of babies, parents, grandparents, engaged couples, brothers, sisters, cats, dogs, a potbellied pig, and a motorcycle — all very important “sweethhearts” in their lives.
More than 3,000 votes were cast, and the winners, based on number of “Likes” on The Mountaineer’s Facebook page as of noon Feb. 7, were: First place, Paul and Lisa Stiles, submitted by Kaitlyn Stiles; second place, Jayden Chance Richardson, submitted by Crystal Markrush; third place, Dan Eaton and Morgan Mills, submitted by Morgan Mills. Those pics are printed in today’s Guide.
Since there were so many great photos submitted, Honorable Mentions (those who came closets to the top vote-getters) have been printed either in The Guide or here, plus a few Editor’s choice photos, too.
Thank you to all who submitted photos or voted in the contest. Stay tuned for the next Facebook photo contest, “Easter Finest,” to be announced soon.