Let There Be Light!

By Doug Worrell | Jun 19, 2014

High Country Furniture & Design — When customers come in to shop for lighting, there are two main topics they ask about: size and placement. It is surprising the number of people who buy a lighting fixture in our showroom and think it is so large but when they take it home, it is smaller than they remembered. Our design center personnel has some tips to prevent this from happening.

For dining rooms, we recommend for customers to measure the width of their dining room table. Then, we tell them to take that measurement and subtract 12 inches from it to calculate the width of the chandelier they should select. When it comes to hanging the chandelier, it should hang about 30 inches above the table top.

For other rooms in your home, we recommend for customers to measure their room diagonally, from one corner to the other corner. If the room is 20 feet, then the diameter of the chandelier should be 20 inches. If the room is 30 feet, then the diameter of the chandelier should be 30 inches. Sound simple? We think so too!

Another frequently asked question is “What type of lighting should I use on my covered outdoor porch?” Damp rated lighting is a necessity for outdoor covered areas. Damp rated lighting protects against moisture, hence why it’s also important to use damp rated lighting in the bathroom.

Here at High Country Furniture & Design, we highly recommend Kalco. Kalco has a variety of lighting options to choose from. They describe their lighting designs as “an original work of art.” Shop our Kalco selection and take advantage of great savings!

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