Letters, 12-31

Dec 31, 2012

Enjoyed Christmas column

To the editor:

We want to applaud you for your wonderful column written by Publisher Jonathan Key and General Manager Jeff Schumacher in the 1Dec. 24 edition of The Mountaineer.

Oh that we had more newspapers with Christian managers who would speak to the true meaning of Christmas, that Jesus is the only hope for our existing world, as you have done.

God bless you both and all the employees of the newspaper. And Happy New Year.

Fred and Kitty Brendell



A response to blarney
To the editor:

I see that a letter writer on Dec. 26, has repeated the plutocratic blarney about wealth distribution.  There has already been a wealth distribution from the middle class to the wealthy.

The writer makes a big deal about the top 10 percent paying 70 percent of the income taxes. What the writer failed to say was that they also had 70 percent of the income and the wealth.

The writer then goes on to propose cuts on Social Security.  The truth is that Social Security would be solvent for decades if Congress had not “borrowed” money from the trust fund to pay for wars and tax cuts for the wealthy.

Social Security could pay retirees into the next century by raising the ceiling that limits the Social Security tax to around the first $100K.

In repeating the lie that Obama is trying to redistribute the wealth, the writer is supporting taking from the middle class and giving to the wealthy and the plutocrats.  Social Security has been and continues to be funded by the middle class and would be solvent without the tax cuts for the wealthy.

If the writer wants to look for cuts, how about cuts to military contractors and corporate welfare?  Even the Pentagon has acknowledged that there is waste and fat in the military budget and that we are building weapons systems we don’t need.  How about eliminating the corporate welfare that pays highly profitable corporations billions in tax dollars in subsidies?

Norman G. Huffmann


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