Letters, 8-13

Aug 12, 2014

Don’t complain if you’re not willing to solve problems

To the editor:

Pundits, especially those who favor Republicans, such as John Hood of the John Locke Foundation, claim to be adept at solving problems. They sit on the sidelines, point fingers, and pontificate, and glibly offer “advice” on how to remedy this or fix that.

If they indeed have the answers, I invite these political sages to run for office, get elected, and then implement their solutions. Otherwise, all they contribute is blah, blah, blah!

Bill Lusto



Critic missed the point

To the editor:

The recent letter criticizing Dr. Nolte’s column on different tax rates missed the point.  The point was not the overall tax rates, but that the different rates on the types of taxes seemed to support poor public policies and negative economic incentives.

The same argument could be raised on spending.  The so-called “conservatives” seem comfortable with corporate welfare for big corporations.  Companies such as Walmart get billions in tax subsidies, but little if anything is offered to growing businesses and entrepreneurs who actually create jobs.

The anti-tax and anti-government folks seem to be the first ones to complain when there are potholes in their streets.  If they get taxes and government as small as they seem to want, then they will have to fix the potholes themselves.

Carole Larivee

White Oak