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Aug 17, 2014

Rethink morals

To the editor:

In 1100 BC, Moses leads Jews to the Promised Land they vacated 300 years earlier. Moses presents God’s moral laws: honor and care for parents; don’t lie, steal, covet neighbor’s wife or goods; don’t commit adultery; don’t kill human beings; acknowledge your dependence on God. Civil liberty radicals want God off our money and buildings. Sorry, Founding Fathers.

1000 BC: Tribes complain to God; they want a king — not 12 judges. They eventually get Solomon with 100 wives and 500 concubines. Within 300 years, the North/South kingdoms are vanquished. God’s presence in the temple ark disappears from history.

Jesus arrives 600 long years later and clarifies only two Old Testament laws. Remarriage/divorce violates God’s law. Adultery in religious marriages is a serious sin requiring God’s forgiveness, not the Jewish death penalty.

Supreme Court law: [1] Child ‘persons” maturing in a mother’s womb can be killed (like pigs or cows) because fetuses with detectable heartbeat/brainwaves, with their intellectual, spiritual souls created by God aren’t court “legal persons.”

Democratic platform agrees. [2] It is wrong to assign biblical death penalties to first-degree murderers. Agreed; modern prisons protect society from murderers. [3] No-fault divorce (1973) is OK if kids and property are equitably distributed — but 900,000 kids are dumped into single-parent poverty every year! [4] Judges can legislate state marriage contracts, thereby publically condoning sexual relations within same-sex couples.

Catholic law: [1] Sacramental marriage provides God’s graces to help it last a lifetime. Therefore, re-marriage is disallowed. However, seminaries don’t teach skills needed to pre-define pitfalls, or provide psychological help. [2] Modern condoms are reasons immoral because they prevent the basic physical function of the act — seed transfer. [3] The pill is reasoned immoral because it modifies a natural physical body function for reasons other than the physical good of the whole body. [Finances] Today’s purpose for taking the pill equates to church-sanctioned rhythm. Without intent to change your position to the church’s venial sin position, confessing is invalid, resulting in confessing only sins like adultery or marriage.

Rethinking needed.

Jack Ryan



Dance troupe filled in a last minute

To the editor:

Folkmoot USA’s annual International Folk Festival continues to invite dance troupes from diverse countries and is the longest running (31 years) and longest in duration (10 days) than the handful of other excellent similar festivals that exist in the USA.

Every year there are challenges faced by the international groups we invite; visas and finances are the most common issues.

And every year, at least one group invited from their home country informs Folkmoot management they must cancel their participation. Unfortunately, this often happens only weeks before the start of the Folkmoot Festival.

In 2014, the group from Turkey cancelled due to financial reasons, in the short weeks leading up to the festival.

With insufficient time to recruit a replacement dance troupe from the home country, Folkmoot, like her 300 sister festivals around the world, must appeal to domestic ethnic dance troupes.

Mr. Apaydin wrote a recent letter to the editor about the dance troupe representing Turkey who appeared at the 2014 Folkmoot Festival.

This dance troupe is a domestic ethnic group representing authentic Turkish culture, but members live in the USA.

They replaced the 2014 Turkish group who cancelled their participation. As explained in Folkmoot’s official program book and by emcees, the domestic Turkish group’s director was born in Turkey and performed all over the world, representing Turkish culture, before moving to the United States where he started his own dance troupe.

All other Folkmoot Festival dance troupes performing in 2014 traveled from their home countries to participate in Folkmoot’s 31st festival.

Our goal is to host cultural groups from other nations. However, we are always grateful when domestic cultural groups can replace an international group, or otherwise fill a space when it is not possible, or is too difficult, to bring performers from their home country.

Karen E. Babcock

Executive director

Folkmoot USA—Host of North Carolina’s International Folk Festival

Treat customers with respect

To whom it may concern, which should be all citizens of Haywood County.

I didn’t appreciate the way I was treated at the Haywood County Tax Office by the public officials.

I went to pay some taxes and said I would like to live in Tennessee where they didn’t tax you like this — two or three times a year on one vehicle.

The man behind the county said, “Get the hell out then.” Do you think this is how public officials should act? I could say more, but it would take a whole page.

Kenny Monteith

Fines Creek


Editor’s note: Tax Administrator David Francis said he was in the office when this customer came in using foul language and slamming his tax bill on the counter. It was the taxpayer who said he hated Haywood County and wanted to get the hell out. His response for the taxpayer was to follow his own wishes.

Comments (12)
Posted by: Joseph Edwards | Aug 18, 2014 10:44

For the life of me I cannot fathom why people will take a tragic event to justify their actions to loot, rob, destroy, and create chaos in neighborhoods like you see in Ferguson, Mo.


I might also add that the police dept. released a video of the victim robbing a convenience store.  This proved that this individual was a violent and dangerous person.  But this does not justify the incident that took his life.


I understand that a lot of the looters were from outside the Ferguson area. Just recently some of the protesters stated they were from New York and came to Ferguson. Mo. to participate in the rioting and protesting. A spokes person for the rioters demanded three conditions be met.  1 - Prosecute the policeman who shot Michael Brown.and charge him with murder  2 - Fire the Police Chief.  3 - Give them all jobs.

I wonder if some of the demographics were different would all this be happening?




Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Aug 18, 2014 13:07

          There is no justification for the criminal action supposedly in response to the killing of Mr. Brown.

           Mr. Brown had not been convicted of anything. Let alone charged. The video only shows him shoving the clerk. Cannot tell if he paid for cigars or not.

            Regardless. There is no justification for Mr. Brown being shot at least 6 times two of which in the head. If the roles had been reversed you can bet the officer would at least be in house arrest.

           We went to the time and trouble to try, convict and execute Saddam, Mr. Brown deserved the same. Just like anybody else.



Posted by: Scott Lilly | Aug 18, 2014 14:51

"I wonder if some of the demographics were different would all this be happening?" -- Samual Adams said of the Boston Tea Party in 1773: it was not the act of a lawless mob, but was instead a principled protest and the only remaining option the people had to defend their constitutional rights.  If only we had CNN cameras there on the scene interviewing the Boston Tea Partiers or cell phone cameras to catch the destruction in action.


I say it's fair to ask the motivations of those doing the looting.  If those doing the looting say they are demanding constitutional rights and protesting an unrestrained government - the next question is to ask which political party they support.  From that, you may draw an opinion to the looter's motivations and justification for civil disobedience.

Posted by: Joseph Edwards | Aug 18, 2014 15:46

But why terrorize innocent people?



Posted by: Scott Lilly | Aug 18, 2014 16:43

"But why terrorize innocent people?" -- I can't even begin to identify any logic there -- if there even is any.  If the issue is that constitutional rights are not respected and government is not limited enough that even an "innocent" person can be killed and military equipment can be turned on citizens, then it's Republicans that need to step up and speak for the problem.  If the issue is that those looting believe they are entitled to more wealth taken by government and redistributed more in their favor, then it's Democrats that need to step up and speak for the problem.  Somehow I think both issues are felt -- and those that feel the issues do not know how to express themselves constructively.

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Aug 19, 2014 09:27

          OUR civil rights have no political basis. They are inalienable because of the "self-evident truth's" that they were inherited from OUR creator(s) at birth and that they were originally given by a God who chose to never interferre with man's world since that first creation but that since it requires a leap of faith to believe in such a God, the "self-evident truth" is that WE are products of Nature and OUR civil rights are Natural rights.

                   Many of the residents of Ferguson have been victimized by the action of traitors like mitt who "harvest" OUR businesses for personal gain and outsource the jobs elsewhere. Also the anti-American action of "trickle-down" whereby the middle and lower tax brackets are forced to support/subsidize the higher ones in the hope they will "trickle-down" jobs. Kinda like the robber barons used to do. With the average income of $20,000.00 or less, most certainly there has not been a proper distribution of wealth to begin with. And! They have few members of their own race representing them or working for them as public officials. And! As WE have witnessed, obviously the locals that do aren't diligent in their obligation to OUR Constitution and its requirement of "equal protection", let alone the assumption of innocence, due process, etc, etc. Futhermore, as has been reported by enough to take notice, the reports of "molotof(sp) cocktails" being thrown, shots fired, etc, have been exaggerated. Apparrently to provide cover for the un-Constitutional actions of an overbearing police force which has botched the entire episode in OUR history. If the various agencies had been deployed along the sidewalks to prevent looting this would have been a positive use of force. But to block streets in the manner being used is just asking for trouble. However! The response to the limited amount of holliganism(sp) is far overblown and too often misdirected. The organized protesters must also police their own actions whether the nitwit is with them or not.

            Irregardless. This incident needs to be resolved post-haste. There are many such communities in similar circumstances.



Posted by: Joseph Edwards | Aug 19, 2014 15:25

No definitive or for that matter fair assessment about the goings on in Ferguson, Mo. can possibly be made by me because I was not there and am not there and do not intend to be there. I do however look at numerous news agency reports and not just one or two and try to make an educated assessment.  This assessment is solely based on what is reported and definitive outcome of this matter will only be dome after all is done and said and the courts have deliberated and rendered the final verdict as to what happened.  It is only political and racial if one wants it to be.  But that is my opinion. I hold further judgement until later as I had stated.

Regardless I hold these truths to be self evident that yes there are similar circumstances like this one in other communities and will continue to be so as long as people feel they use the pain and suffering of others as an excuse to riot and loot and destroy.  These I feel may the act and "Nature" of a culture that has degenerated to a barbaric state.  I am familiar with this mentality due to the fact I was once a Corrections Official in the South Carolina prison system.

It doesn't take much to invoke primitive actions that terrorizes a civilized people when the attitude exist that demands "What am I entitled to?


Sick, sick, sick, sick!!!!


Let's wait till all sides of the rubics (sp), cube is solved.


Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Aug 20, 2014 08:29

                Both Mr. Brown and the officer were due their day in court. Unfortunately only one will get that.

                 People who are repressed by those in power will rise up in whatever manner necessary to resolve the issue. So far the good folks of Fergason have not been very poorly behaved compared to past instances of demonstrations that turned deadly. But. If there is no justice for an unarmed kid being executed things may get worse. Rightly so. They have had their Tea Party. They need a political resolution to the enduring problem of discrimination. Having people of their community run for office and the people vote will help greatly. For whatever reason these folks have not been voting even though they are "entitled" to.



Posted by: Scott Lilly | Aug 20, 2014 08:58

"People who are repressed by those in power" - A Constitution is supposed to limit government from becoming oppressive.  That's the definition of a republic.  Republicans ought to champion that.  (Not all do.)  Once the tragedy of this situation is over, I hope to see that message from the Republican Party.  Unfortunately, those that would benefit most from government being limited may not hear or understand the message. 


There is no limit to what our government can do.  The government (police)has military equipment that has no purpose except for use on the citizens.  At least I am starting to see discussion about how/why that is not proper.  Not in Ferguson -- not anywhere.  I hope that kind of government overreach is somehow tied to an assessment of Haywood County's Emergency Ordinance.  When all else fails, the right and duty of every American is to defend the Constitution -- and that includes our Second Amendment right to bear arms.  For the Ferguson shop keeper that has his life savings invested in his store, he has every right to defend it when others might fail to do so.


In NC, police get their powers from the elected Sherriff.  I'd like to hear from Sherriff Greg Christopher where he stands on the Haywood County Emergency Ordinance and how he justifies his position.  Seems to me that he can (and should) be at odds from those that create ordinances.  And how would a member of the judicial branch of government weigh in on that ordinance?  We ought to have that discussion in the shadow of the events in Ferguson.

Posted by: Joseph Edwards | Aug 20, 2014 09:30

For those of you who use the terms EXECUTED,GUNNED DOWN and MURDERED, then I suggest you contact the Sheriffs Office in Ferguson and tell them YOU WERE A WITNESS.  Because only those who WITNESSED the incident from all points/sides can add credibility to how this happened.  Let the due process of law (unsaddled of prejudices) resolve this matter.


Your opinions has no barring in this matter except providing fodder to fill space in the papers.


Posted by: Joseph Edwards | Aug 20, 2014 10:46

In regards to the Beheading of the American Journalist by ISIS it isn't a matter of "Whack" the deed is done.  Or it is not a matter of "Chop" and the deed is done.  It is very gruesome and slow.  The head is sawed off slowly and when bone is encountered it is hacked or snapped into.  The the rest of the head is sawed off and finally detached from the body.  All this is done while the victim is still alive.  And some people say that Water Boarding is torture! There are videos on the internet that ISIS has put out there and they have not been deleted from the internet.

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Aug 21, 2014 08:15

               Given the opportunity, in both cases of Ferguson and St Louis, the officers chose to use lethal force where non-lethal force could have been used. They chose to act as judge jury executioner. They executed those they were sworn to "equally protect". Yes I have seen the video in the St. Louis case. I have seen the autopsy report from Dr. Boden(Sp). I have heard the corroborating witness reports. Quite clear. In both cases the officers will use the excuse that they were in personal risk of harm and were just protecting themselves. I don't buy it. I don't think a jury of their peers will either.

           Mr. Lilly;

           You still have no comprehension of the Founding basis of a republic. OUR Founders took the time and trouble to quite well define the role of OUR government. You have a right to your opinion, but not your own facts.

              We the people tried, convicted and did execute soldiers from  WWII that were guilty of using "waterboarding" on OUR people. It was not until bushishito that We abandoned that use as "cruel and unusual punishment". As I said many years ago:"No terrorist has ever attacked OUR Constitution. George WAR bush has." Got my phone tapped for that.



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