Letters 9-27

Sep 26, 2013

Incivility plagued Maggie meeting

To the editor:

I attended the Maggie Valley Town meeting of the aldermen and concerned citizens last evening.

I was appalled the rude discussions and dialogue which were out of order according to the standards of Roberts Rules.

I observed that neither the audience nor some of the board members are accustomed to using these rules which assure a civil discussion and resolution to the problems facing the board, both in management and personnel matters. The meeting was in disarray.

I heard an argument between Becky Ramey and Audrey Hager as to who paid for the advertising for the Popcorn Sutton Jam at the Festival Grounds. Neither party had the right to exploit the memory of Popcorn — neither had the familial claim — for personal profit. This resulted in name-calling.

Questions raised in the open session were:

1. Does the town need to be in the liquor business?

2. What is Jim Blyth’s connection to discussions about the bill in question and the last concert that has brought discrepancies to the forefront?

3. Who is eligible to apply for the liquor license at the festival Ground?

4. Who gets to use the Festival Ground and at what price?

5. Personnel issues should not be aired in public open meetings.

The town board needs to provide an example of civic leadership and accountability to the citizens of the town.

Those who call Maggie valley our home are embarrassed that the board’s dysfunction is the publicity that our community receives and few headlines tell of the positive benefits of living in community.

Too much tax money has been wasted trying to make the festival grounds an avenue of profit, when it could be a source of bringing visitors to our mountain community.

Ernestine E. Upchurch

Maggie Valley