Letters Aug. 12

Aug 09, 2013

Good job

To the editor:

Thanks Mountaineer for helping me find out about this photo.

Not only did I discover who everyone was , I also found out who took the picture!

I’m the kid with the striped shirt on.  The tall blonde kid is Gail Howell, she’s on my right, and about a year older than me, on my left is her brother Ronnie Howell. Next to him was a friend of the Howells, Alan Medford.  Alan was from Jonathan Creek and was visiting.  I graduated with an Alan Medford, but am not sure it was the same Alan.

I wonder if he remembers those days.  Sandra Howell was the one who took the picture and contacted me.  They were our neighbors back then.

It’s their house in Hazelwood that you see in the background behind us, That’s also their car in the picture.

Thank you and the Mountaineer for running this little story.

We didn’t own a camera, and if not for neighbors and the schools, we would have no photographic history of ourselves.

Things were slim back then.  A special thanks to Sandra Howell, and a hello to Gail, Ronnie and Alan.

Terry Honeycutt

Killen, Alabama