Letters, Aug. 2

Aug 01, 2013

Thanks for the rainfall story

To the editor:

Shelby Harrell did a very good job on the rain roundup. I really enjoyed it, and I expect a lot of other readers did too. I thought we were on a record-breaking pace, and it seems we are.

Ms. Visin proved to be a good source. I’m glad she didn’t pin our wet year on “global warming,” as I was expecting. Not that it isn’t occurring (very gradually).

Of course, if the annual rainfall record falls later this year, you’ll be entitled to return to Ms. Visin and this subject. Actually, that’s the one number that the article was missing. It mentioned the driest year and amount (1941, 8.91 inches), but not the wettest. Maybe 1896? Ninety-something inches? You can lead with that next time.

Thanks for doing this one.

Jim Swan


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