Letters, Aug. 30

Aug 29, 2013

Thanks for helping schools

To the editor:

This is a letter I sent to  Wende Goode, community outreach director, with a copy to the Rev. Owen Fulghum at The Vine to be shared with their members.

Thank you for your leadership and concern for our students in the public schools. The article about your work in the Mountaineer was excellent.  We must involve the entire county of Haywood if we are to lessen the devastating acts of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Thank you for showing one way this can be done.

Doris B. Hammett, MD


Annexation is best option for Lake Junaluska

To the editor,

I feel I must attempt to speak out concerning the politically created mix-up over the annexation of Lake Junaluska. We have a state representative (Republican Michelle Presnell) making herself an unauthorized ally of the naysayers, the holier than thous, and the Waynesville haters.

She was not on the ballot in the Waynesville-Lake Junaluska district. Our duly elected representatives (i.e. Joe Sam Queen and Jim Davis) had already reviewed the agreement between the city of Waynesville and the leaders, and majority of the mail-in survey responders of the Lake Junaluska community overwhelmingly favored it.

With so many Lake Junaluska residents ineligible to vote here, the mail-in survey was the closest the leaders could get to a vote.

To the anti-annexation groups I would say first of all: this annexation by the City of Waynesville would not destroy your Christian community. The city of Waynesville is also a Christian community.

There is a long standing agreement between our city and the lake concerning water and sewer, help in maintaining infrastructure and fire protection. Your leaders have consistently chosen to keep this arrangement going, with not an inkling of desire to change it. Apparently, they know good quality and reliability when they see it. This arrangement would become permanent and greatly enhanced through annexation, with permanent police protection added. You anti-groups also need to know that annexation by the City of Waynesville would not give our city ownership of even one inch of your properties. You merely become part of our city community.

If, heavens forbid, this annexation deal totally fails, don’t not turn bitter or mean against the city of Waynesville. We are still your friends. It is mean-spirited for renegade politicians to put themselves in the middle of legitimately made agreements that don’t concern them.

This annexation agreement is truly the best solution for what your community is facing. Having to wait until next May is outrageous and politically contrived.

Fight these rascals with all your might. Sit on Raleigh hot and heavy and make them do the right thing. A better future for your Lake Junaluska Assembly community is literally on the line. God bless your efforts.

Bobby Davie




Enjoyed article

To the editor,

I just finished reading “The Old Rugged Cross lights the way,” by Lucy N. Adams in today’s paper, and had to let you know how much I enjoyed it.

It was interesting to read about the history of the cross at Lake Junaluska And George Bennard who wrote “The Old Rugged Cross.”

Not only was the article interesting and well written, but it gave a sense of peace as I read it through.  I appreciate Ms. Adams for writing it.

Thank you for offering such uplifting articles as this.

God bless,

Char Avrunin


Hospital care was great

To the editor:

I am writing this letter with regards to my recent hospitalization at MedWest Haywood.  On Aug. 21, I was scheduled for spinal fusion surgery.

My surgeons were William Miller M.D. and Alfred Mina M.D.  Prior to the surgery I spent a great deal of time preparing myself mentally and spiritually.

Even with this preparation I was experiencing an incredible sense of vulnerability as I reported for preregistration at 5:30 of the morning of the 21st.

From that moment until my discharge Friday afternoon the 23rd, I experienced the most incredible love, support, compassion and excellence in care.

It is stunning to me that an event that I feared would be one of isolation, pain and fear turned out to be one of the most incredibly loving, supporting, caring and enriching experiences of my life.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the many wonderful staff at Haywood.   When I was in one of the most vulnerable states of my life these people lifted me up, help me begin my healing process and set me on the path to recovery.

I will be forever grateful for the quality and character of the caregivers at Haywood.

Jackie Lynn Evans


Learn about new voting law, then vote

To the editor:

Like them or not, we have no choice but to live with and accept the revised voter ID laws.

One would expect the laws and the details to be available for review on an NC government website. I ask and challenge the Democrats in each county, such as the Haywood County Democratic Party, to take the lead in providing the information about the voter ID laws; the names and locations of the approved agencies, e.g., the DMV; and the documentation requirements.

Also, the Dems’ websites would contain a list of relevant FAQs, contact information, and telephone numbers for those without Internet access. Additionally, a transportation pool would be set up to take folks without transportation to and from the agencies. Let’s use these political and legal sea changes productively to get eligible voters registered. Let’s use our time, energy, and resources to provide and restore voting rights to all.

Bill Lusto