Letters, Friday, Nov. 9

Nov 08, 2012

Listen to the voters

To the editor:

The American people have spoken in no uncertain terms by bestowing President Obama with an overwhelming 332-206 victory in the Electoral College and a second term in the Oval Office. But will intransigent Republicans ever listen?

Members of the House of Representatives are elected in 435 tiny slivers of the country, and none of these representatives – none – is elected by an entire state. Yet at every turn, top leaders of the GOP (Growing Obsolete Party) saw their home states endorse the policies and path of President Obama.

Did you get teary-eyed, John Boehner, when Obama claimed Ohio once again? Does it matter, Eric Cantor, that Obama once more had the winning appeal in your Virginia? Were you paying attention, Paul Ryan, when Obama performed the Lambeau Leap right there in Wisconsin?

President Obama is showing the way to be a gracious winner. Must he deal with sore losers for another four years? By all means, Messrs. Boehner, Cantor and Ryan should represent their constituents. But first take a look within your own state’s borders and discover the larger wishes of Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

That should be reason enough to compromise and not constantly obstruct. Here’s what you are unable to do: You cannot overturn Roe vs. Wade, which is safe for another 40 years. You cannot overturn equal pay for women nor the Affordable Care Act that insures millions of Americans. And most importantly, you cannot win on any stage larger than your precious, tiny sliver.

Bob Kearney



Bridge is extravagant

To the editor:

Sometimes we do things just to make people feel better.

We taxpayers built a bridge on Lake Logan Road that is big enough to hold up the world and it will be used by the farmers to transport a variety of produce, mostly tomatoes.

We built a bridge that was not needed with money we do not have. I wonder why we are broke?

Henry Warren


Thanks for voting; more should have

To the editor:

Having  been viewing our television for the current election status for more than four hours, I suddenly realized that my action is totally stupid. There is no way that any effort I make will change the outcome.

My true and sincere message to the readers is to thank them for casting their votes, however they expressed their desires, and to please realize that the citizens of the great United States of America have the right and opportunity to express themselves in this way.

Unfortunately, only about 24 percent of our “eligible” populace even “bothers” to vote. To me, this is truly disgraceful.

To the readers, please know that I do not mean to be  judgmental, but am only trying to remind our citizens, especially, our youth, to please try to grasp, and to  understand how fortunate we are to be citizens of the United States of America! God Bless America.

Dave Wright

Lake Junaluska