Letters from readers, April 25

Apr 24, 2014

Don’t slant political coverage

To the editor:

I cannot believe how biased the reporting of the Haywood County Commissioner race has become.

I am a conservative independent, and what I would like is unbiased reporting from both newspapers. With this kind of biased reporting of the candidates for Haywood County Commissioner, anyone would think that you were trying to become as bad as the New York Times.

Please keep your biased reporting to your editorial policy and not your news section. As far as the news coverage in the other newspaper is concerned, I guess you get what you pay for.

Now The Mountaineer is another story. I do not like paying for propaganda. Just do your job without slanting the news.

Al Goodis


Editor’s note: The only commissioner candidate coverage so far in The Mountaineer was in Wednesday’s paper. Each candidate received the same questionnaire and the same word limit instructions. The answers were printed ver batim.


Broaden the pool

To the editor:

To serve Maggie Valley as mayor, commissioner or on a board or to have any input count, one must reside within the city limits of Maggie Valley.  If you owned half the town, paying taxes but do not reside within the town limits you have no say.

Maggie Valley is limiting their pool of talent.  If the town wants new blood, they will need to change the rules.

Kathleen Bridges

Waynesville and Naples, Florida


Corruption charges questionable

To the editor:

In regard to the letter about the corruption and incompetence in Maggie Valley government, a sloppy government can result in compounded problems; so will unfair accusations.

Corruption means: guilty of dishonest practices or lacking integrity.  Just by reading The Mountaineer over the past year or two, I can accuse Maggie Valley elected officials of at times being lots of things: unorganized, strangely motivated, sly, and perhaps lacking the procedural or disciplined skill to run a properly structured government body.  But corrupt?

I’m not ready to jump on that ship just yet.

Incompetence is an easier charge to make, defined as lacking qualification or ability or even mentally deficient.

In some cases, it’s understandable that a person sitting in the Alderman/Mayor chair on day-1 would not have the experience to perform.  But please do afford these elected leaders their due respect.

Nobody would volunteer for public service with bad intentions. Perhaps the charge to Maggie Valley leaders should be changed to “misguided” when referring to the 50 percent TDA tax increase.  Maggie Valley donates the lion’s share to the county’s tourism fund but the majority of the county outside of Maggie Valley decides where/how that money will be used.  Yes, having local leaders willfully send tax money out of town for an undefined purpose is questionable.  Some might even say incompetent.  But not corrupt — unless you consider the 1% zip code kickback from the TDA tax that in some ways could be considered (legal) bribery for those that support the arrangement.  Or a quorum of officials discussing the topic in private in violation of Open Meetings Laws.  Or to purposefully violate rules to swap-out TDA board members to put “their guy” in.

Expect and demand the highest integrity and performance from your elected leaders.  If they fall short, call them on it.  Let’s save the term “corrupt” for instances where it’s really deserved.

Scott Lilly

Mt. Holly