Letters from readers, Aug 22

Aug 22, 2014

Thanks for cleaning up the mess

To the editor:

For the past 16 years, I have been a volunteer with the Adopt-A-Highway program.  I clean Poison Cove Road, half of Ratcliff Cove Road and Raccoon Road.  In all of these years I have never had a problem with a human disturbing the filled orange bags.  However, on Aug. 19, 2014, that changed.

Late on that date, a neighbor called to tell me that the orange bags on Ratcliff Cove Road and Poison Cove Road had been thrown into the middle of the road and into the woods and that at least one of the bags in the road had been hit by a car or truck and its contents scattered all over the road.  I was upset to know that someone would think such anti-social behavior was a good idea.

The following morning I drove down to start the cleanup process.  I stopped to retrieve and re-bag the bags that had been thrown into the woods.  I kept  expecting to find a giant mess in the road.  I never did.  A Good Samaritan had stopped and cleaned up the garbage in the road.

Whoever you are, God bless you!  The light chased away the darkness!  Good was triumphant over evil!  Your actions lifted my spirits greatly!  In the future, if you see me trying to keep the roadsides clean, please stop so that I can shake you hand and thank you for doing the next right thing.

Fred and Lynne Galloway


Library book sale hit a new record

To the editor:

On behalf of the Friends of the Haywood County Library we would like to express our gratitude to all who ensured that the 2014 book sale was a record breaker – the best ever in almost 40 years.  Over $33,000 was raised this year.  This could not have been possible without all of you and your support.  We had nearly 200 patrons in line that first morning (in the rain) and those of you who came each day after.  There were some who came several times that first day or who came every day of the sale.  We had friends come from several places in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and across our great state.

All proceeds go back into the library system to ensure programming and items not covered by the budget or grants will be available.  By supporting the book sale – you are keeping your library open in Haywood County when so many other counties are having to close some of their branches.

The 2015 book sale will begin with all new donations.  The old is gone and we already have thousands of new donations waiting to be sorted and the shelving to begin.  Bring your donations to any library branch and let them know they are for the book sale.

If you have large donations or are physically unable to bring in your books, please call Sandy Denman 627-2370 to arrange for a pick up by one of our volunteers.

Please remember that we are honored to accept your gently used books that are free from mold, mildew, & insects.  Due to lack of space, we are unable to accept magazines, Reader Digest condensed books, computer books or textbooks.

The book sale committee which consists of Stan Smith, Edie Sloan (now retired), Laura Soltis, Lynn Ebsen, Kent Stewart, Bill Tennett, Jan and Ross Boys, Art Swarthout, Gail Leatherwood, Kitty Allen, Dot Barnum, Martin Panseck, Frank Burda. Sarah Sherman and Deborah Henderson wish to thank each and every one of you for donating, working, buying and continued support of the book sale.

Sandy Denman, Chairwoman                                                                                                                                           Book Sale Committee of the Friends of the Library

Kiwanis say thanks

To the editor:

I would like to thank Paul Viau for his column in this week’s, The Guide.  Paul’s words communicated so wonderfully why we feel so blessed to live in and enjoy our community.  I especially appreciate his words about his high school days as a Key Club member and Kiwanis being at his “core.”  We are an organization whose primary purpose is to support children’s programs in our community and secondarily, worldwide through Kiwanis International.

The success in fulfilling our purpose for being depends on the volunteer efforts of its members, but especially so from the outstanding community support that we enjoy.  Thank you citizens and businesses of Haywood County for your financial support of our efforts to help improve the lives of children.

Thank you Mountaineer, and especially Vicki Hyatt, for the support you give us throughout the year in advertising and publishing articles concerning Kiwanis events.

Thank you again Paul for your Kiwanis testimonial and support of Kiwanis’ Share the Harvest event.

John Franco, President

Kiwanis Club of Waynesville

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