Letters from readers, Nov. 2

Nov 01, 2012

Clogging event needs recognition

To the editor:

Heritage is a significant facet in building tourism and entertainment for families in Western North Carolina. For the 28th year, an event has been held in Maggie Valley at the Stompin Ground the last week-end in October which draws a repeated attendance of visitors to our community.

The American Clogging Hall of Fame brings dancers, musicians and families to our area. This year on Oct. 26, 27 and 28, over a thousand participants, ages 3 to 80 participated in the Hall of Fame world competition.

This year a local dancer, Paul Cagle, was added to the Hall of Fame. This is a generational event and is supported by the dancer’s families. Kyle and Mary Sue Edwards are gracious hosts.This world championship event should be high-lighted in our Haywood Tourism Authority and in cultural tourism announcements.

Specials guests were the dancers “All That,” who have been runners-up in the national television show, “America’s Got Talent,” on two occasions. “All That” dancers were trained by Burton Edwards at the Stompin Ground.

Lou Mairui, executive director of the American Clogging Hall of Fame, announced that $20,000 will be awarded to clogging applicants for the college in Elkin, West Virginia. Four scholarships are awarded each year.

For 28 years, cloggers have competed in our Maggie Valley I believe the business community and the press should acknowledge these visitors and make them welcome.

Ernestine E. Upchurch

Maggie Valley

The other side

To the editor:

The story in Wednesday’s paper about the bear shooting doesn’t tell all the facts. As a bear hunter, myself and the people I hunt with routinely respect other people’s lives, pets and property. We are

safety minded and don’t hunt for the food it puts on our table in the winter, not the sport of it.

If you have bought meat  lately, you understand why.

The person quoted in the story stated the bear was shot 60 feet from his house. That is not true. It is at least 125 straight line yards from his house and a vacant lot where there are no houses, pets or people.

We did not just “roam through private property and start firing.” We legally started hunting this particular bear on Hemphill. After an hour and a half chase that led us across U.S. 276, the bear was treed. We didn’t lead or herd the bear to that location. The person quoted even came out and told us it was a nice bear, congratulated us and asked if he could take a picture. Does that sound like a man that was mad at us or afraid for his property, life or pet?

As far as the bear being about the same size as a large dog, the bear was legally tagged and weighed about 280 pounds.

We are offended this gives bear hunters a bad name. We were  legal, followed all the rules and we were met with what we thought was a kind neighbor after the hunt was over.

We never destroyed anyone’s property, harmed anyone’s pets or put anyone in danger.

If this is an attempt to get a point across to the Town of Maggie Valley, we would appreciate the common courtesy to leave the bear hunters out of it, especially if you are going to be nice to us just to slander us later.

A lifelong tradition of bear hunting in WNC has been preserved for generations. It is a heritage that we are proud of. We will continue to hunt safely and with all respect and due regard for the residents and the law.

Bragg Norm


Selective hearing

To the editor:

When Republican candidates promise jobs, we jump to the conclusion that they will be secure, full-time jobs with good pay and benefits. Yet their policy decisions support companies that cut jobs, end pensions, replace full-time with part-time, and stop offering health care coverage. Those were some of the tools Mitt Romney has used to make companies profitable. Not all jobs are equal.

The Republican vision for economic growth results in fewer good jobs for most of the population. If you have invested well — if you are a good gambler a nd have the money to invest with — you will be rewarded.

If you want a stable way to support your family, you are out of luck.

And what happens to us during the next time the bubble breaks? What happens to your promising career if you get sick or injured? What happens to you when you are ready to retire?

The Republicans propose removing the safety net. If I get sick and cannot work, our family church would help, but most of us don’t go to a wealthy enough church.

On tax day, I’m happy that my tax dollars go to support my neighbors who are down on their luck, provide education and health benefits to veterans who supported our country, hire teachers, support common treasures like our national parks and protect clean air and clean water.

None of these are programs that Republican candidates support. All of these programs will be cut under the “fiscal cliff” Congressman Ryan and his colleagues chose to impose upon our budget, rather than find a solution to our problems.

That is not the action of a fiscally responsible person. Under this financial instability, no businessman would increase their hiring.

The choice could not be clearer. Do you feel lucky? Do you want to gamble that you will be one of the winners in an economy with wild highs and lows, no safety net, and a decimated public education system? In the world of rugged individualism, most of us lose.

Paul Super


Love for county, people

To the editor:

A letter to the editor in the Wednesday, Oct. 31 edition from a person I have never met nor spoken to, mischaracterized me and my campaign.

I have worked more than 30 years at a company that manufactures turbo chargers for commercial diesel applications.  I was certified through American Society for Quality as a quality engineer and I’m now working as a senior manufacturing engineer.

The letter-writer stated, “He didn’t show up for the two candidate forums ...” I was invited to one commissioner forum.

Haywood County website states…“The rules and regulations set forth below shall govern the availability and use of Haywood County Government Access Channel…”

The site lists whom HCTV is available for programming to as well as “…Programming Restrictions…” including “The following restrictions will be placed on any material submitted for cablecast on HCTV…”

B. Political Purposes

“HCTV is not a medium to be used by elected or appointed federal, state or local officials for political or personal use…”

I believe the forum violated the rules and regulations.  I sent a statement to The Mountaineer publisher and editor, county manager and public information officer indicating why I would not attend.

It is a dangerous notion when those that govern do not follow the rules and regulations that govern those they serve.

The letter-writer stated, “I think he should take the time to let voters know where he stands on the issues.”

Our campaign has been issue-driven from the start.  We have a website, videos and cards that state where I stand on the issues and how to contact me.  Our campaign had an entry in the Canton Labor Day parade where numerous volunteers walked handing out cards that stated my platform.

We were the only commissioner campaign that had a booth at our county fair where literature regarding issues was handed out.   This is just the tip of the iceberg on how our campaign has reached out to the voters.

I am a fourth generation native with a love for our county and the people.  I welcome your emails and calls.

Denny King

Candidate for Haywood County Commissioner

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