Letters July 31

Jul 30, 2013

Lake is a unique community

To the editor:

This message is meant for those who truly understand that Lake Junaluska is one of a kind creation by God and man. It is obviously here to provide love, fellowship, and togetherness for ALL. If you have not made a visitation thus far, please do so. You will be truly amazed!

My journeys have led me to forty-eight states, and to eighty-four foreign countries: Never have I found any place that compares with our western North Carolina Smoky Mountain home.

David Wright

Lake Junaluska


Signage enforcement is still an issue

To the editor:

I am writing to thank you, first and foremost, for the fair treatment and unbiased publication on my views and experiences with the Town of Waynesville code enforcement office, concerning sign ordinances and their theoretical enforcement thereof.

I can certainly understand a recent letter-writer’s statements. However, what is at issue is not the fact that there are regulations or codes. What is at issue is the blatant, selective and unfair targeting of one business establishment while turning a blind eye to those considered ‘in favor.’

The current sign ordinance bans, among other things, banners, flags, pennants, swirly gigs and sandwich boards.

I provided a list of no less than 16 establishments from Frog Level to Main Street (a relatively small area) that have been long-time ordinance defiers.

If you drove down Main Street or Church Street last week, you noticed a plethora of flags for the Folkmoot festival. Do you not consider this an interesting point, given that the City of Waynesville itself is the biggest violator of their own codes?

Again, my issue is with the selective enforcement. Either the laws apply to us all equally, or to no one. We are still considered to live in a Democratic country with a Constitution that guarantees individual rights and equal treatment without prejudice.

I am a 30+ year businessman and property owner and a newly appointed member of the sign planning board of Waynesville.

Jack Wadham



Thanks for the help

To the editor:

I just wanted to thank you for writing the wonderful article about gleaning in Haywood County.  We have already gotten calls because of the article and expect to have more.  I believe you have helped us get off to a great start with the gleaning season.

Thank you for giving Danny Barrett of Ten Acre Farm such a good plug in the article.  He has been so very generous and willing to work with our gleaning program.

Bless you.

Bill Walker

Society of St. Andrew

Gleaning Western NC Fields

Mayor’s critics should apologize

To the editor:

Maggie Valley Mayor Ron DeSimone had complaints filed against him with Sheriff Greg Christopher and District Attorney Mike Bonfoey reported in the Mountaineer on July 26.

Those complaints were found to be false. Harry Katt, a super veteran law enforcement officer, the three running for town board and the baker’s dozen listed in the Mountaineer should apologize to Mayor Ron DeSimone and admit the false charges were for political gain.

James Carver

Maggie Valley

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