Letters, June 12

Jun 11, 2013

Consider this unvarnished truth

To the editor:

How many of our freedoms are we willing to give up in the name of protection from the jihadists? Closing our borders and enforcing our visa laws rather than giving up our rights would be preferred.

The founders guaranteed our freedoms with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And the problem with following the concepts that our nation was founded on, is what?

So far we have given up our right to privacy, our right to choose our own health care professionals, our right to privacy, and what is next.

We know there are very powerful interests that want nothing less than to require us to give up our 2nd amendment rights.

Bi-partisan polls across the country show that a large majority of Americans do not trust the government.

Do you think the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Fast and Furious scandal, the Black Panther scandal could have anything to do with American’s lack of trust in government?

I will say that this administration kept its word and is the most transparent in history, in fact you can see right through them, and what we see is a total dis-regard for the Constitution.

If you would like to meet and hear from, probably the best authority on the constitution and what is being done to trash the protections granted in the Constitution. Come to the Agricultural Extension Center at 6 p.m. June 20.

Robert Levy, chairman of the Cato Institute, will be speaking to the issues of today and taking your questions about gun control, healthcare and other Constitutional issues.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet and hear probably the most Patriotic and dedicated Constitutional attorneys in America.

Bruce Gardner



Information was omitted in article

To the editor,

Thank you so much for printing my article in theJune 7 issue.  The Inspired Art Ministry, Inc. appreciates your helping us get the word out on our art classes.

However, there are a couple of things that were left out and a couple that need correcting.

The method of teaching I use is PROTIQUEtm; credit for our use of the term ANTS should have been given to Dr. Daniel Amen.

We don’t hold critiques (ever), we “protique,” which is fundamentally different from critiques. Copious handouts are available on each technique taught in addition to instruction, not in place of (as the article presented implied).

The tuitions for the adult drawing and painting classes do not include supplies (the children’s classes do). We offer an art library, annual art show/fundraiser, field trips to museums, galleries and artists’ working studios and discounts to local stores.

All that said, we are grateful to The Mountaineer for giving our classes exposure.  Thank you.

Char Avrunin

Inspired Art Ministry, Inc.

Mural needs repaired or torn down

To the editor:

The owner of the building on Main Street in Canton with the churches on it  — or what’s left of it — should fix it up or tear it down.

You should hang your head in shame.

Josie Stamey