Letters, Sept. 1

Aug 29, 2014

I am Denny King

To the editor:

In The Mountaineer article “County wins tax appeal” Vicki Hyatt stated, a court appeal... has been settled in the county’s favor.

Really? The North Carolina Court of Appeals has sent the case back to the Property Tax Commission to articulate its decision. This case is not settled.

In the appeal the county stated their evidence supported the county board’s valuation of my home and requested the court provide guidance to the Property Tax Commission as to the weight and sufficiency of their evidence. The court declined the county’s request.

I believe the court was correct as the evidence does not add up to a market factor of 130 percent.

David Francis said, “When the county appealed its loss to the Court of Appeals, only briefs were reviewed, so there was no need to pay attorney Charles Meeker for that.”

Francis seems to be out of touch — every document sent to the court of appeals was also mailed to me — all were signed by Charles Meeker, including the county brief. Did Meeker offer his service free of charge?

Francis said several motions filed by King added to the county cost.

The court granted my motion to include critical documents including an omitted sale and a county comparable that decreased 30 percent after the property tax appeal.

Motions were also filed due to Haywood County attorney and lobbyist Leon Killian giving campaign contributions to one of the Judges hearing our case which included a contribution after the judge was scheduled to hear our case.

It’s my opinion this was unethical and a major conflict of interest. US Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit, Preston v Leake November 7, 2011

“Any payment made by a lobbyist to a public official, whether a campaign contribution or simply a gift, calls into question the propriety of the relationship, and therefore North Carolina could rationally adjudge that it should ban all payments.”

As for Francis’ diatribe about this being the only issue that I am running on, he must not be wired to the public. I am a taxpayer too and merely wish to exercise my rights.

Hyatt’s statement that the value the commission put on my house is halfway between the county’s assessment and my figure is absolutely false.

In my opinion, this was a political move by The Mountaineer and county officials to deceive the taxpayers of Haywood County and attempt to change the outcome of upcoming elections.

Hyatt was correct with one statement, “King is in for the long haul.”

Denny King