Letters, Sept. 5

Sep 05, 2014

Adelaide Key story a beautiful tribute

To the editor:

My thanks to Editor Vicki Hyatt for the beautifully written appreciation of the life of Adelaide Key.

I did not have the opportunity to meet Mrs. Key, but have long admired her generosity and spirit. Our community has been enriched by her caring heart, and her story is a good reminder that one measure of life is what we give away.

My thanks to Mrs. Hyatt, The Mountaineer, and especially to Mrs. Key and her family. God’s peace be with you all.

Richard Ploch



VA gives great service to vets

To the editor:

I don’t usually write to the editor but I felt that it was time that I put in a word for the health care of our local VA Hospital and also McGuire Veterans Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

My husband is a U.S. Navy vet and has received excellent care at Charles George VA Hospital in Asheville. He has been a patient there for over 14 years. He has suffered prostate cancer, lung cancer and AFib heart problems, which led to congestive heart failure and eventually ventricular heart failure.

I am happy to say that is doing well at this point and is the recipient of the LVAD heart pump system. He is not a candidate for a heart transplant due to the lung cancer but hopefully will be able to lead a productive life for years to come with the LVAD system.

Through the knowledge and concerned eye of his cardiologist at the Asheville VA, he was eventually sent to McGuire where the doctors evaluated him for some time and decided that he was a candidate for LVAD.

This system is a heart pump that assists the left ventricle of the heart and pumps blood at an amazing rate throughout the body.

He is presently going to Heart Path at Mission Hospital, also arranged by the VA, and is gaining strength daily. Asheville Cardiology and Mission are going to be able to offer this heart surgery locally in the near future.

We are so blessed to have access to the VA Hospital and want to assure others that the VA is alive and well and caring for our veterans daily.

I know that there are some problems with the system, as there are in all government systems, but we are so happy to have been able to benefit from the VA doctors, nurses and all facilities.

It is no doubt without these services my husband would not be alive today. God bless the dedicated doctors and staff at all of the VA hospitals. God bless our vets!

Margaret Rhea Surrett


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